Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert

Dawn Abraham Millionaire Mindset Seminar
Dawn Abraham Millionaire Mindset Seminar

Dawn Abraham Multi-Award Winning Business & Marketing Expert

Named In the Top 10 Marketing Experts By Sulia.com & Top 50 Business Coaches By Evancarmichael.com 


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Dawn Abraham Multi-Award Winning Marketing Expert

 Certified Business & Mindset Coach CEO and Creator of The First Women Small Business Owner (Motivational Whisperers) Membership Website, Circut Speaker, Author of the three books including “How To Change Your Career in Mid Life”  Radio Show Host For Over four Years, “Be You” For Entreprenuers.

“Confidently championing entrepreneurs to take charge of their business and live their true potential.”


Partnering with Dawn Abraham is a process where she will find out what’s blocking you from getting what you want.

She guides you easily into awareness.  Then into profitable action.  Which gives you the knowledge, mindset and skills you must have to create a 6-7 figure a year business.

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Dawn Abraham Programs and Services: 

Individual Business Coaching

Success Mastermind Groups

 Business Consulting Services

 How To Get 30+ Clients a Month on Average with Social Media 

How to Run and Create Easy Successful  Promotions & Webinars

Master Class For Experienced Business Owners



Benefits From Working With Dawn Abraham 


Dawn Abraham has successfully coached and consulted with thousands of people from around the globe.  Speaks at conventions and guests stars on radio, pod casts and webinars.

She has given hundreds of televsion, radio and magazine article interviews on:

 How to Succeed in Business.  

Marketing in  The Twenty First Century.  

How to Easily Make 6-7 Figures With Her Blue Prints on Social Media

Dawn has a new program gauranteed to get your business to six figures with-in 12 months.  

Her NEW Master Class For Mid level Entrprenuers.  “Success Mastermind Groups”

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Boosting Sales within weeks of working with her
  • Skyrocketing your social media following
  • Converting your social media followers into clients
  • Improving your focus to get more and while working less
  • strategize your online presence increasing your bottom line
  • Goal setting that turns into real dollars within weeks
  • Setting up an easy to follow marketing and social media plan that produces results
  • How to position yourself as an influencer
  • How to write blogs that attract clients and build a targeted email list
  • How to create a successful website that builds trust and attracts buyers
  • How to get speaking offers
  • How to promote your business with offers people can’t refuse



What People Are Saying About Working With Dawn Abraham 




Dawn’s Mastermind Group ended up being the best decision I could have made for my business.  Before I entered her group I was struggling with social media.  I didn’t understand how to turn my followers into clients.


Dawn’s group took care of that in the second week.  By the fourth week I had thousands of new followers.  Targeted followers I should say.  I was for the first time getting people interested in signing up for my monthly newsletter.


I increased my overall sales by 47% and the group wasn’t even over.  It paid for itself and then some.


One of the biggest take a ways for me was how to put together a successful social media strategy.   This strategy resulted in actual money coming in.  That was something I didn’t think was possible before I joined Dawn’s group.


She also did evaluations of each of our websites.  This proved to be invaluable for me.  I had  no idea some of the things I was doing was the opposite of what I needed to get new clients. 


With Dawn’s help I was able to make the changes to my website easily.  I saw the difference in the first week. 


My overall income since the Mastermind Group is well into the six figures and I’m looking at hitting seven figures by next year at this time.


I have never been a part of group where I came away with so much top-notch information that was useable.   Dawn made sure that after the group we all supported each other on social media as well as including us in any of her ventures. 


I kept my partner and together we both are racking in ten times what we made before joining.


It goes without saying joining her group was the best decision I have made.  I highly recommend you do whatever it takes to be a part of it.


Craig Higdon

Mortgage and Loan Specialist




Dawn is absolutely a result-oriented professional with a great personality. I had the pleasure of attending one of her mastermind groups and I must say that she is a master at it.


Dawn has also helped me with identifying unique ways to market my business. That has increased my sales numbers, visitors to my website and made a huge difference in my social media presence,


Dawn has a keen and thorough understanding of business marketing and has helped me learn how to put my business in front of profitable markets.


She would be a great asset to any business that wants to grow and succeed.


Monica A. Davis

Journalist ,Coach , Master Interviewer, Media Trainer, Publisher of Exceptional People Magazine
Washington D.C. Metro





If you want to be part of a community headed by an amazingly knowledgeable, generous, intuitive, high energy woman who LISTENS to what you need and want.


if you are in need of guidance and inspiration; if you just want to get more online exposure –seek to work with Dawn Abraham 


I know the internet if full of people giving over-the-top, BS recommendations. I am not one of those.


Dawn Abraham, a truly extraordinary woman and coach, is, without a doubt, the best thing I have done for my business. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my experience with Dawn.


Marla Bollak
Software Program Manager/Process Analyst with a reputation of “getting things done”
Nashville, North Carolina


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