How To Write A Simple Small Business Marketing Plan That Turns Your Business Into Profits

small business marketing plan

One of the first things you will want to do when starting your small business marketing plan is to get a clear vision of what you want to manifest.


It is really important that you know where you are going and what the purpose is before you start your business. 


So Let’s get this party started… here are the steps to don’t want to miss any of them.  


I am literally giving you the key to your success, make sure you take it. 


Small Business Marketing Plan Part One


1. Start with your mission statement, what is your passion and motivation for this company?


This is the reason you are starting the company. Why would someone need your services or products? In writing this you will come up with your mission statement.


Which is something you will live by to motivate not only yourself but anyone else working for you or with you.


An example would be; My mission statement is:


To help 20 million entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide achieve success and higher awareness so they can reach their full potential by earning more money and working less.


In this mission statement I have targeted how many people I see myself and my company serving where they are located who they are and what I can bring to the table, the benefit!


You may want to write a page or two of what your vision is. Really let go here and write with no limits.  Have fun and see what you come up with. 


Small Business Marketing Plan Part Two


2. What are you selling?


What is your service or product? Describe here what you have to offer.


3. How are you going to sell or provide your service or products?


List all the many ways you will be able to do this. If you are going to sell products are they your products that you will produce or actually ship out?


Or are you going to sell someone else’s products and you are the middle man?


There are many options here that you can look into. The cost of shipping and the time it will take you to pack and or produce the product.  


Verses you have the web site and through affiliates you sell products and they do all the work while you get a percentage.


This percentage can be up to 50% in a lot of cases. There are many of these opportunities all through the Internet. You can do a search to find them.  


I made 30% of my income just from selling affiliate products on one of my other websites. It is a great option. 


Small Business Marketing Plan Part Three


4. What are all the different types of services or products you could offer?


a. Is it a service that you can put on a MP3, CD or DVD?
b. Write a “How to book”, or e-book?
c. Are there complimentary products that can be sold with the service; extras that enhance it?
d. What types of workshops or classes can you make available?
Think big here, there are many different approaches you can use to expand your sales.


5. What are the benefits of your service?


If you understand the value you offer it will make it easier to market. What sets you apart from your competition?


Make sure you know what you do better than anyone else. What you offer people are your benefits.  What will they walk away with?  This is really what sells people not your features, people buy BENEFITS!


Make sure you can deliver on any promises you make.  And make sure you find that ONEspecial thing ONLY you do that sets you apart. 


(More on how to market your business and discover your stand out benefit in my how to find your niche article.)



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Small Business Marketing Plan Part Four



6. What different avenues can you take in marketing your small business?

• Internet
• Magazines
• Word of mouth
• Radio advertising or giving radio interviews
• Television
• E-mail – your newsletter is one way to build up your contacts
• Direct mail
• Networking Groups
• Presentations offers of free tele-classes or in person workshops
• Give a ways
• Blogs
• Writing and submitting articles on the internet and in local papers



Small Business Marketing Plan Part Five


7. Who are your ideal clients?


Do some research here to find out what type of people would be interested in your service or product this way you know where to advertise.


What types of magazines do they read? What type of web sites would they be a part of?


Where are these people? Where would you find them?


Once you know that you can go to those places and talk with the owners of the store or website.  Offer to work together doing a free workshop or seminar.


You gain the new connections/clients.   They get happy clients who now have your knowledge for free.  The business owner is giving his clients a special benefit of your expertise and knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise get.  You can split the profits 50/50.


It is a win/win situation for both of you.


You win because you can now bring your products or service  to new prospects and the owner of that web site or store wins because they make money from your products and service.


It’s this type of out of the box thinking that will spring you forward and start to grow your small business faster than most.


Small Business Marketing Plan Part Six


8. What do you want your small business to look like in one year?


This would be what you plan on achieving in your first year. By the end of that year what will your business look like?


This would include your financial goals as well. Write a detailed page of where you see your business by this time next year.


  • How much income is it producing?
  • How many clients do have?
  • Who are your clients?
  • What are the different areas you are specializing in?
  • How many targeted social media followers do have?
  • How many employees do have?
  • How many new products or services are you offering


Get as detailed as you can.  The more you flesh out your business vision the more likely it will come true.


9. What do you want your business to look like in five years?


Really think big here. The sky’s the limit. This may change but have a vision so you know what path to take in building it.


Include your financial goals.   Use the list above in writing this out.


To Recap Your Small Business Marketing Plan: 


  • You need a vision
  • Find out what your greatest benefit is
  • Put that information in a tagline
  • Know who your target market is
  • Find out where they are
  • Go to them to market.
  • Offer to partner with other people in your niche
  • List all the ways you can make money.
  • Figure out who to turn people’s biggest problems into solutions through your products/books/Mp3’s
  • Write down your goals and vision for your first and fifth years


Get started today there is no time like the present.  Happy planning.


Let’s take your small business marketing plan one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.

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