How To Create a Dream Board / Vision Board Where All Your Dreams Come True

Dream Board Vision Board

The Dream board or a Vision board is, the artist view where you create the law of attraction…

This is one of the most important things you can do for your business as well as your life.  You can create a Business Vision Board and a Personal Vision Board or combine them it’s up to you.


I did my first Dream Board fifteen years ago and let me tell you this process is magical.


I will take you through the steps I used to fulfill my dreams and literally changed my life. Get ready this is powerful…


You are going to start by imagining what you want your life to be.


You are creating your story and you have the power to make anything happen!


This is your vision. Creating a Dream Board is very similar to writing out your goals in life, except a vision invokes more emotion then simply writing out your goals.


The main difference being it’s visual. This difference adds an interesting element that has proved to be powerful for me and many others.


There is however some important factors you don’t want to skip.  Read carefully all of the instructions.


You really want to go all out here the sky is the limit.


Are you ready to start this exciting step in creating the life you want?!


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Dream Board / Vision Board First Step


Get a large board like paper. Poster paper is perfect. You will need glue or two-sided tape and scissors.


Dream Board / Vision Board Second Step


You will need lots of different types of magazines. You are going to look for pictures that either show how you want to feel, where you want to go or want you want to have.


(You can also do a dream board on your computer and search for pictures or create a board on Pinterest and name it your dream board.)


I did my first one the old school way and created a huge board I kept in my office. I loved it because it was right in front of me everyday.  I couldn’t miss it.


*Go crazy here, really go out on a limb. If you want to live on the ocean in a beautiful house, find a picture of a house on the ocean that resembles what you want.


Look for pictures that really light you up inside when you look at them.
If you want to grow your business find pictures of people achieving great things in the work place or find an image of  Forbes Fortune 500 and use that.


If you want to travel cut out pictures of the places you want to go. Find pictures of someone doing the things you want to, sailing or skiing, climbing a mountain or hiking.


You can cut out words or sentences as well.


Anything you cut out is great as long as it inspires and motivates you. If you want to get married, cut out a bride and groom or a wedding picture.

If you want to write a book, look for pictures of a someone typing on thier computer. If you can’t find the pictures you are looking for in a magazine you can do an image search and find the picture on-line and then print it out.



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Dream Board / Vision Board Third Step 

Get a picture of yourself you really like, where you are happy and feel good. You are going to paste this in the middle of the board.


Dream Board / Vision Board Fourth Step


Before you begin pasting all your pictures and words take a felt pen or glitter and outline the poster board in yellow.


This means you are surrounding your Dream Board with the light it needs to manifest your vision.


Dream Board / Vision Board Fifth Step


On the bottom of the board write in black, with a felt pen… This or something better now manifests for me in divine and appropriate timing.


Dream Board / Vision Board Sixth Step


You are now ready to start to create your dream board by pasting your vision (pictures) on the board.


Have fun!!! This is really important. You are now taking an important step towards seeing and feeling the life you want.


Really go for it here…this is your chance to have it all!!! Now that you have completed the board there are a few action steps for you to take.


Dream Board / Vision Board Action Steps


Put this board somewhere you will see it every day.  If it’s on your computer you may want to use it as your computr background so you see it everyday when you log on.


Spend a couple of minutes every morning and every night before bed looking at your dream board.


Really feel the emotions in the pictures you have chosen.  Look at the colors that are on your board. The different places or events that make you smile. These types of things can truly make a difference. 


Now… expect these wonderful things or something better to happen in the appropriate time. 


My Dream Board /Vision Board:


Dream Board, Vision Board, Dawn Abraham
Dawn Abraham’s Dream Board / Vision Board



I had so much fun designing my dream board. I look at it now and so many of the things I put on this board have either come true or something even better has happened.


The magic from my board is still generating and manifesting itself today.


You see I didn’t fool around with my dream board. I went to town!! It is full of all the wonderful places I intend on traveling and the people I want to meet and share my life with.


I have yoga poses I want to achieve. I am meditating on the beach overlooking the ocean at sunrise.


I did that in Florida when studying with Deepak Chopra, it was incredible.


I added inspiring affirmations I cut out of magazines that say:














The sky is the limit. Therefore anything you find that inspires you put that on your dream board.


I have to say that when I first made this board I thought that everything would happen right away.


Some of the things actually did happen within a short amount of time while others still had to grow for me.


I look back and now realize that if every one of those things happened right away I wouldn’t have had time to appreciate and fully experience them all.


Life is the journey and the journey is life….ENJOY IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Champions keep playing until they get it right” ~ Billie Jean King


Let’s take your dream board one step further… I have been helping people reach six and seven figure incomes for over twenty years.  Let’s have a conversation and talk about how I can further assist you in growing your business. 

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 I wish you all the happiness and success the Universe has to offer


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  2. Dawn,
    This is really helpful and I started making a board .

    Lori English

    • Thank you Lori! I’m happy to hear that. You will really enjoy making a vision board. You can make one for your business as well. It will help with focus as well as putting out into the Universe what you want to manifest. Let me know how that goes. XOXO

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