9 Proven Methods to Promote Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

how to promote your business

 How to promote your business is the number one question out of most people’s mouths when they first meet with me.  I bet you’ve asked this question to marketing experts on social media right?  Maybe even right before you found my article. 🙂


The next question is how can we promote our business on a limited budget, which usually means they have zero dollars?  Don’t worry if that’s your problem…

how to promote your business
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I let you in on some of the top creative ways to market  yourself.  Myself  and my clients  have used these tips successfully to promote our business


We walked away with new clients and a significant amount of exposure each time. The cost to you to implement these winning techniques… I am sure you want to know=ZERO well almost nothing.


I say it’s almost nothing because your time is required. Your time is one the most valuable assets you have as a business owner.


Therefore, you do not want to waste it with projects that will not  generate business and acquire visibility.


None of us has time for losing propositions. Read each tip completely as I go into detail on how you promote your business and successfully complete each idea.


You may have even heard of one or two but do you know how to implement these strategies?  Most people don’t. 


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How to Promote your Business – Generate a Free Report 


  1. Generate a Report That Gives Statistics in Your Industry in Any Area That is of a High Interest.


People love statistics and if they can learn something that helps their business on top of it, you will have a huge hit.


It will also help solidify you as an expert, which means a significant difference in respect and your fee’s.


Put this report out on all your social networks.

  • Include it in your newsletter
  • Turn into an info-graphic and post it on Pinterest


Do what you can to make sure it gets the exposure it needs.


Do this regularly and it will generate a lot of traffic and back-links it’s a great way to promote your business.


How to Promote your Business – Implement a Ask You Page



  1. Dedicate a Page on Your Site Where People Can Ask You “How to Questions.”


Put them in your newsletters to get additional coverage. You can tweet some of the questions and ask others to help you answer.


You put out the question with a link for the answer. It will bring people into your website where they can get to know you and opt into your newsletter as well.


This is a great way to show your expertise and build credibility.  You can get ideas for new blog posts while you’re at it.


 I did this for years and it proved very successful.   So successful I couldn’t answer all the questions anymore so I had to let it go.



How to Promote your Business – Host A Podcast/ Radio Show 



  1. Host Your Own Radio or Online TV Show Where The Topics Are in Your Niche.



This opens the door for your target market/niche to walk through and experience your personality, knowledge, and expertise.


I had a blogtalk radio show I hosted along with two other women.   It pulled in over 5000 thousand people every show.  Eventually we built it to over fifteen thousand listeners.


That does take promoting as well, it doesn’t come with 5000 listeners every show.


Once you build up an audience it’s a great way to promote your business.  You can get the word out about any classes or books you have coming out.



It gives you a great opportunity to meet other professionals in your niche as well. I loved putting the show on every week, we had a great time and that is the most important part.



How to Promote your Business – What Will Make You Stand Out?


  1. When You Post on Your Social Media Accounts Make Sure to Engage With Your Followers.


Think about the posts that will get people talking before you post it.  Ask a question when you post.  There are a number of ways to get the conversation going.


The most important part is to respond back in a way that leads to another response.  This way you truly develop a relationship with the person and that leads to trust and trust leads to sales.


Never just post to post.  Always have a plan in mind and an intended result.  You will soon find out through trail and error which posts get people talking and which don’t.


My experience has been that if you post a solution that your target audience resonates with that not only delivers it gets people talking.


If you don’t know what they need perfect.   Ask what they need or what’s missing in their business. That’s another good way to start the conversation. 


Mix it up also, add cute fun pictures of you and your family.  Be original try not to do what everyone else is doing.  Find images that make people stop in their tracks and want to comment.


Inspirational posts are great as well.  Just keep it original try to find something that isn’t stale.  





How to Promote your Business – Start a Super Fun Contest 


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  1. Start a Contest On One Of Your Social Media Accounts.


This will attract people to your website along with giving them the opportunity to see what you offer.  Make sure the contest is something appealing.


I have done a number of contests.   One of them I did on Facebook a couple of years back.   I asked some of my colleagues and clients to participate with me.


This allowed more to give away.  Each one of us gave away something from our websites.


In some cases it was a book or product.   In others it was a free coaching or consulting session.  People signed up and everyday I held a drawing.  Three people each day would win a free product or coaching session.


Myself and the other experts made a big deal posting and tweeting about the winners everyday.  We had a blast doing it.


I ran the contest for two weeks.  I had all the participates help promote it on their social media accounts and in their newsletters as well.


All the leads came to me since it was my contest and I did all the heavy lifting.


Although everyone participating was on the promotion page.  They added their website and picture which gave them tons of exposure.   It was of course a win-win for everyone.


I would do different things like this every couple of months.   I ended up with thousands of qualified leads for my newsletter not to mention lots of new clients.    This also helped position me as an industry leader.



How to Promote your Business – Facilitate a Tweetchat 



  1. Facilitate a Tweetchat Every Week on Twitter.


I hosted my own Tweetchat for two years, called “Lifechanger”.    We talked about different subjects facing small business owners every day. This is a great way to promote your business.


I had three other experts who helped me host it and answer questions.   Really anyone participating could ask or answer a question.


This created lots of exposure for me and the people who participated.


It allowed people to get an idea of our expertise and in many cases brought in new clients and many followers.  Today I have over 100,000.00 followers on Twitter.


I know that things like hosting a Tweetchat really helped to boost my website traffic and followers as well. 



How to Promote your Business – Guest on Other Experts Promotions, Radio Shows 


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  1. Participate in Other Experts Social Media Promotions and Tele-classes webinars or Radio Shows.



When someone asks you if you want to be on their radio show, webinar or do an interview, if your schedule allows say “YES”.


This gives you multiple ways to get exposure and build your email list and get new clients. 


Make sure you ask first who the speakers are.   You want to be in good company as well as knowing that this promotion will pull in loads of people.  Again time is money and you don’t want to waste yours.


(If no one is asking you, then create your own and you ask them to participate in your speaker webinar.)  After that people will know you!


How to Promote your Business –  Offer A Freebie People Want to Share 


  1. Offer a Give-Away on Your Website.


This is a great way to promote your business and get more website traffic.


Also more opt-ins and clients.  For years I had a number of giveaways that pulled in thousands of visitors every month.     Just from the search engines alone.


People love anything free!   If you use the right key words it’s a bit easier to get on the first page of Google for free stuff.


I offered ten meditation and relaxation Mp3’s to promote my business.   Another giveaway I offer now  is my mini class ” My Top 5 Secrets on How to Get Business With Social Media and Become an influencer.”  Click on the link and it will be in your in box with-in seconds. 


I used the latter to offer as an incentive to opt in to my success tips.


I have to say you don’t have to go as far as I did.  That was a lot of work.  It took some expertise on the recording side to get the quality just right.


You can simply give away a chart or graph.   Something that will help your target audience build their business. 


Do a bit of research here and find out one of their biggest problems.


Solve it for them in a giveaway and BOOM!  You will have a winner.


You can use it as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter.


It’s works like a charm.  Just be sure to give what you say you’re going to in your newsletter.  You want them to open it every time it comes.  I always give away my top secrets in my success tips.      


How to Promote your Business – Create a Blog Post That Include Other Influencers 


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9. Create a Blog Post That Includes Other Leaders In Your Area Of Expertise 


I used Twitter which can help promote your business, by tweeting them.   


This created buzz around my marketing idea right away.


The Title:  “81 Extraordinary Ways To Get Motivated By 81 Top Motivational Experts.”


I had 81 people participate and they each gave me a quote or their advice.   In exchange for adding a link back to their website I asked them to tweet the article.


I ended up with a great article, tons of web traffic to my blog and great exposure. 


That lead to new clients and increased my Twitter followers at the same time.


This concept was so popular that after I did it, I saw many others follow in my foot steps. This is a great idea and you will end up with oodles of benefits.


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


Let’s continue getting you more tips on how to promote your business.  Are you tired of not getting business with your social media?  Sick of wasting your time with your website and no one buys a thing?

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