The Shocking Truth About Your Website Marketing 7 Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

website marketing

One of the most important aspects of your business is your website marketing.  You have ten seconds to grab your audience’s attention. 


The Shocking truth about your website marketing, here are the facts that you need to know that will show you how to blow away your competition.  It is about getting your website to work with you and not against you.


website marketing



In the twenty-first century your website is not just a brochure it’s much more.   If you don’t have an informative catchy and highly appealing website you’re wasting your time.


I’m going to share with you some of the most important website marketing techniques that will get you that click or opt-in…so pay attention you don’t want to miss a thing.   


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Website Marketing Tip – One Color is Everything


Make sure your website is representing you. The look and feel of the web site should show people right away who you are and what you have to offer.


You have to choose the right colors that not only represent you but draw in your visitors.


I’m going to share with you the golden ticket to website marketing success.



Website Marketing Color Chart


  • Confident
  • Passion
  • Stop
  • Energy
  • Strength


Red is probably not the best color for your website.  Although you can effectively use it on your buttons that say buy now or sign up.


It is much more of a stop and do something color than a main website color. Unless of course you are a race car driver.



  • Warm
  • Compassionate
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fall



Orange on the other had is good choice for a website. It works well for life coaches, women’s sites, yoga anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.




  • Joy
  • Sunshine
  • Summer
  • Cheerfulness
  • Sensual
  • Intellect
  • youthful


Yellow is great for young fresh websites.  It creates a feeling of fun energy and it defiantly stands out. If your website is a travel site that caters to tropical locations this would be the way to go.



  • Rich
  • Money
  • Outdoors
  • Nature
  • Healing
  • Security
  • Clean


Green is a great choice if you have a nature site or gardening anything outdoorsy.




  • Air
  • Sky
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Calm
  • Masculine
  • Tranquil



Blue is the top color used for most websites.  It represents trust and stability.  That is what most people want to convey to their visitors.


This way they buy more because they feel comfortable and safe. If you’re confused on what color to use, blue is the best bet.




  • Royal
  • Nobel
  • Powerful
  • Wealthy
  • Ambitious
  • Spiritual
  • Luxury
  • Dignity


Purple is the color of my website.  Purple does tend to be a more feminine color.  It stands for luxury beauty and has a wise spiritual meaning which is what drew me to this color.



  • Feminine
  • Youth
  • Innocence
  • Flirty
  • Romance
  • Gentleness


Pink is most definitely for a girl and a young one at that.  I wouldn’t use it if you want to be taken seriously as a business professional.


It is more of a fun bubbly type of feel.  If you sell candy or have a teen clothing site then pink is your color.




  • Power
  • Dominance
  • Sophistication
  • Polished
  • Luxury
  • Knowledge
  • Slick


This is for modern sites that are hip cool and fast.  If you want to show you’re an affordable site this wouldn’t be the best option. If your selling fast sporty cars or expensive jewelry this would be the way to go.




  • Masculine
  • Serious
  • Rugged
  • Outdoorsy
  • Sturdy


Brown isn’t used very often because it tends to look a bit muddy.  Unless you have a outdoorsy type of site I wouldn’t go this way.


Take this very seriously your website is representing you!  This part of your business is more important than your office, your business card and your brochure all put together.


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Website Marketing Tip Two – Your Layout


Make sure the layout of your site is easy to follow.


You want people to be able to easily find your blog and other important pages.  The about us page for example would be under the category of important.


Your products or services what you’re selling need to stand out.  


One thing you don’t want on your pages is long paragraphs that go on and on. Everything needs to be spaced out and separated.


Most people are going to glance through your website to find what they are looking for. If it isn’t laid out for easy scanning your website will be skipped altogether.


Make sure you separate each thought.  One way to do this is with bullet points and use sub headings to break up the text.


All of this makes it easy to read.  A website that looks lengthy will bomb!


Website Marketing Tip Three – Do Something Interactive That Creates Engagement


Be creative. Offer something outside of the box. You want people to visit your website and think oh I have to come back here.


You want to add value to your visitors so they come back.  Also you want them to tell their friends about your site as well.


One thing I did was created a quiz.  I designed it myself on how to find your life purpose.   This was great because no one else has it since I created it.


You can do this yourself for free by going to



Website Marketing Tip Four – Keep Them Coming Back


Keep them coming back for more.  Experiment with what works and what doesn’t.


If you are always adding new and interesting things people will keep coming back. I offer different things every couple of months.


Keep it fresh so they come back to see what you’re giving away every month.  It can be Success Tips, Mp3 mini class, a short how to E-book or marketing work sheet that you put on a PDF.


Listen for what people need and create that in a freebie and you’ll be surprised how fast you collect email addresses.


Whatever you come up with it should have your picture or logo and tag line.  This way they remember you every time they use it.



Website Marketing Tip  Five – Have A Call To Action 


Make sure each page ends with asking your client to do something.  That is a call to action.  What’s important to me is getting new clients.  I make my call to action a twenty-minute free marketing consultation. 


You can have them sign up for your newsletter if that’s your main objective.  Have them join your latest webinar.  Whatever it is put it at the end.  You want to use your blog post as a way of building trust.


Your article shows you have the experience and knowledge of someone they would want to work with or buy from.  If you add the call to action right away most likely they won’t take it.


Another important tip only have one call to action.  The biggest mistake I see people make is asking them to do one thing and right under it another thing.


In this case more is not better. People get confused and end up doing nothing.


Another key to success is keep it conversational so it doesn’t sound like a pitch more like a wonderful invitation.




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Website Marketing Tip Six – Get Their Information


You want to capture their email.   This way when you offer a class or new product you can tell them about it.  The best way to do this is through a newsletter that you don’t call a newsletter. 


That sounds boring and won’t get you many opt-ins.  I call mine success tips and offer them information they won’t find on my website.  I also offer free class’s and lots of goodies.


That is much more appealing and your odds of an opt-in go up substantially.


It’s a good idea if you offer something free just for signing up.  This can be anything that would be of value to your target audience.   I offer a free tele-class on getting more clients through social media.


It’s short to the point and extremely valuable.


You can give away a mini e-book or even a chart that you put on a PDF. Just make sure you keep your newsletter short and to the point.   Also include in each one that value you promised them or they won’t stick around long.


Website Marketing Tip Seven – About Me/Us Page


Always have an about me or about us page.  This is where people get to know you and like you.  It’s important that you build trust on this page.


Let them know exactly what you do that no one else does.  Why your qualified and what experience awards or schooling you have that proves that.


You can and should blow your own horn on this page. Even more importantly add some testimonials let your clients blow your horn for you. 


These are gold and besides your testimonial and product/service pages this is the best place for them.



Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


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