How To Boost Your Business By Developing Intuition

developing Intuition

By developing intuition I gave myself a sometimes scary but awe-inspiring upper hand in life.


When I first started to make the effort to develop my intuition I had no idea the wonderful and amazing surprises that were in store for me. I started to feel like I had an unfair advantage in life that other people didn’t have.


Then I realized that other people have it too they just don’t know how to use it.


Sit tight and get ready to walk into an existence where your intuition is your greatest alley…


I am going to take you on a journey here that opens up a world of possibilities you probably never knew existed.



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Developing Intuition  How To Uncover It


Did you know we all have the ability to sense when something isn’t right?   Not just some time but all the time!


We all have what is called gut instinct, when your gut is telling you something that is your intuition.


We all have a built-in intuitive system.   If we pay attention to it tells us what decisions to make.  Who really has our best interests at heart and if another person is being honest with us.


I now use my intuition for everything I do in life. It is like having an angel on my shoulder that has my best interests at heart.


I started using this ability for my business and right away I saw my profits soar.  I was shocked at first, then I quickly realized of course this works for your business.  It works for everything!



Developing Intuition Where To Start



Imagine for a moment… you have your own Angel on your shoulder that has your best interests at heart.


Who wouldn’t want that?  It is one of life’s gifts to us that we don’t all take advantage of.


In developing intuition you first want to start with bringing your attention to how it feels in your body.  


Some people feel it in their stomach others may feel it in their throat or head. Start paying attention to your body.   Listen to what it is telling you when you meet someone or have to make an important decision in life.


For instance, you meet someone for the first time, at a business meeting.  Within the first minute or so you have made a judgment about the person. 


The way they are dressed how they speak and carry themselves. This is the first impression, and it is mainly visual.


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After the visual impression you have a feeling about the person. That feeling is your intuition.


When we are on the Internet the same thing happens when we see their profile picture.  That’s why the picture you have on your social media accounts is so important.  That’s your first impression.


You may notice that as you are listening to them talk about themselves or their business your body has a reaction to their energy vibration.   At that time you will either like them or not.


I am sure you can remember meeting someone and saying, I don’t know why but I just don’t like that person.


Or something doesn’t feel right to me about the situation, business deal or the person in general.


Those feelings are your intuition, and when you look back you’ll notice that feeling was right wasn’t it?


Developing Intuition Testing It Out


If this is new to you the next time you meet someone pay attention to your body and the feelings you have about the other person. You will realize for yourself what I am talking about.


The energy that is coming from that person does not lie and you have the natural ability to detect it.


A person can tell you anything.   Their true intentions will come through in the energy vibes they are giving off.


That is why it is important to pay attention, when you hear that little voice saying to you, “Something isn’t right here.”


A lot of people will recognize that something isn’t quite right but then they will ignore those feelings.


Developing Intuition Paying Attention



This is the important part of developing intuition.  Paying attention to your gut feeling.


How many times did you know something and didn’t pay attention to it?  Later said, I should have listened to my gut feeling.


Too Many!  Me too .. I got so sick of saying that I decided to start paying attention and tuning in to my intuitive abilities.


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Developing Intuition Knowing The Difference


You can do this by reminding yourself you are going to pay attention today to your natural instincts. 


The more aware you are the more your will awaken your intuition.   Remember your intuition is what you are feeling not what you are thinking.


If you understand the difference between those two things you are 90% to developing intuition!



Developing Intuition How To Use It To Increase Your Business



If you have a question about what to charge or what is the next step in your business…


Simply think about your question before you go to sleep.  Your subconscious will work on your problem and when you wake up you will be filled with ideas.


Or if it is one simple question you will instantly have your answer.


It’s like having your own genie in a bottle.  Try this tonight and you will see what I mean.


Developing Intuition Takes Practice



You can practice developing intuition.  This will get to a point where you have significantly enhanced your life and business in every way.


You want to practice and exercise your intuition just like any other muscle.


  1. Start to think about a loved one or someone special to you. Take some time to really picture them in your mind.


Do this for a few days in a row.  Don’t be surprised if they call you.  You may even run into them.  Don’t be surprised if they say,  I have been thinking about you lately I was going to call you.


  1. Practice with things in your everyday life. If your lose something you can use energy scanning.  Close your eyes and let your energy expand all around you.


See it fill your entire home.  Then see if an image or feeling about where the lost item is comes to you.  You may get a vision of the general area.  Go there and look for your lost item.


You’re going to be surprised how well this works. And it doesn’t take long to really hone this skill.



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Developing Intuition Training Your Mind


Training your mind is like anything if you do it enough it will pay off big time.


John Holland a successful well-known psychic suggests, use a deck of cards.  Place four cards down in front of you.


Move your hands over the cards slowly.  Now see if you can feel which ones are black and which ones are red.


You may get a warm sensation for red and a cold sensation for black. Go with your first impression you get from each card.


The more you do these types of things the better you will get at using and developing intuition.


Another way I practice is with elevators. When I am waiting for an elevator I try to get a feeling which one will open first.


98% of the time I am right.  When I’m not I know that I have too many other thoughts in my head.  This blocks my intuition from functioning at 100%.


This is beneficial because at that point I can choose to tune into my body.  That opens my intuition and allow it in.



Developing Intuition Using Meditation To Take It To The Next Level


Meditation also helps with developing intuition because it clears your mind and helps you to focus.   Which in turn allows the intuitive part of your brain the clarity it needs to sense what is really going on in.


You rise above thinking when you do  meditation.


This is really important in growing your business.  You want to make strong, solid business decisions.   If you use the meditation along with your intuition you will be able to make big money moves. 


You will be clear and not coming from a place of lack or fear.  Instead you will come from a centered calm place.  That will allow you to take risks that grow your business.


  Developing Intuition What We Think About We Bring About


You know that saying, “What we think about we bring about.” How true is that!


When you start to put your energy toward developing intuition…  You will be amazed at how your psychic awareness starts to grow.


Allowing you to have a system in place where you move through life easily and effortlessly.   We all have this gift it’s about taking the time to perfect it and grow it.


Don’t wait until you have a problem get started today developing your intuition.  This way when you really need it, you’ll be ready.


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


Let’s continue this conversation about developing intuition and talk about how I can further assist you.


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