10 Secret Social Networking Tips That Will Make You A Superstar!

Social Networking Tips

The best social networking tips are the ones coming from a Influencer.   Who has learned how to turn my social media accounts into clients.


I will share with you my top social networking tips.   That will not only boost your influence but help you understand how social media can get you business if done correctly.


Social Networking Tips
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Social Networking Tips  Getting Started


  1. Decide where you want to spend your time. 


Is it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.  Pick two that work for you and start out concentrating on those two.


This way you can build a strong following where people get to know you.


If your spread out to thin it’s a waste of time.  You won’t get the results you’re looking for.


  1. Make sure your followers are people who are interested in what you offer.


You want targeted followers.  The best way to find those is do a search.


If you don’t know who your target audience is.  Look at your competitors followers.  I mean the top people in your field.


See who they are following.  That will give you a good idea who is interested in what you offer.



Social Networking Tips Going The Extra Mile


  1. Go the extra mile. 


Make sure you take the time to go to your followers profile.  See who they are and look at their posts visit their website.


It’s great to like their posts but if you can go the extra mile.   You’ll see results like people opt-in to your newsletter.  Getting clients.  People buying your products.


If that interests you then going the extra mile will pay off big time!


What I mean by that is, if it’s Instagram or facebook comment on people’s posts in a way that starts a conversation.


You want to get to know your followers the same way you would get to know people at a party or a networking function.


Social Networking Tips  Twitter is Better Then You Think


  1. Twitter is a place you want to be if you’re not already on there. 


It’s a great place if you write articles to get your blog posts read and shared.


The goal is to get people to retweet your posts.  Liking and commenting on Twitter is not as beneficial.  You want to let people know that you want retweets.


This will give you four, five even ten times the reach you would have on your own.  


To get retweets make sure you have written an article people want to share.  Then Retweet their blog posts. 


Most likely they will return the favor. If you’re someone with a nice size following people should want you to retweet them.


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  1. Make sure you thank your followers for the retweet when you get one and retweet them back.


That is not only polite but it tells your other followers that you will retweet them if they retweet you.



Make sure you retweet posts that your followers will benefit from.  Don’t retweet anything.  Look at what you are sharing.



If you share valuable information this will make you even more popular.  People start to look to your feed for the top news or great informational posts.



You can’t possibly come up with enough posts on your own so sharing others people’s posts is a perfect way to be thought of as an expert and influncer in your field.



This will also get you more followers because you are tweeting great posts.  Liking someone’s post does nothing to further you or the other person on Twitter.



Twitters algorithm doesn’t work the same way facebook or Instagrams does.  A like on Twitter is not going to put your post at the top of the feed.


So start retweeting people!


Social Networking Tips  Building Relationships That Turn Into Clients



  1. Spend every day choosing at least ten to fifteen new people who you are going to get to know.


Start to develop that relationship.  Spend a bit more time on their page liking commenting and conversing with them.


Use their name in your comments and have fun.  Act like you’re at a social event.  Be charming let people know who you are and ask them questions.


This is how you would get to know people outside of social media.  People are people it works the same way online.


Be consistent and keep liking sharing and retweeting your new friends often.  Don’t drop them or they will drop you.


  1. If you’re on Instagram or facebook post things that create conversation. 


You don’t want to post the same kinds of post every day.


Change it up.  Give them some personal pictures that show what you like doing and who you are.


Share pictures of your family your dog anything that makes you a person and takes you out of that I’m a cold company that doesn’t care about you.


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Social Networking Tips How To Create Engagement That Converts To Sales


  1. Share posts that create engagement. 


One good way to do this on Instagram and Facebook is by asking a question.


I found that if you put the question on the post it works better than putting it in the written portion below.  This way people can’t miss it.


Ask questions that relate to your business.  This way you know what they need and what is missing in their business.  From there you can create a webinar a Mp3 an eBook to solve those problems.



  1. When people comment on your posts go back to their posts and do the same thing. 


This shows them you care and you are a team player. It’s not all about you.


Some people suffer from I’m too popular for that.  You may be too busy for that.  So do it when you can but do it.  If you stay relatable people will want to work with you.


People buy from people they trust and like.


Social Networking Tips Show Your Personality = Clients


  1. Most important that people forget is have fun. 


Let your fun personality show on social media.  People get too used to just hitting like and moving on.  Or saying one word.


That’s okay because most people have too many followers to have a long conversation on everyone’s post.


What I do is say a little more than one word and make it personal to their posts when I can.


Later at night when everything has slowed down I go on social media.  Then I have longer conversations and spend more time with each person.


This is what takes me out of the follower zone and into the friend zone.  That is where you want to be.


If you follow these social networking tips you will see a huge improvement in your followers and opt-ins.  Your sales and your reach.


I can get my reach on Twitter into the millions.  Granted I have over 100,000. followers but when my reach hits the millions that means people are retweeting me.


Don’t ever discount the value of that.  I can see my click rates on those shares and they are in the hundreds sometimes more for one post.


Happy retweeting peeps!  



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