Online Marketing Business 8 Top Secrets on How To Sell Without Selling

online marketing business

Do you have an online marketing business?  Are you struggling and can’t figure out why no one is buying from you?




I’m going to share with you some of my best kept online marketing secrets.  On how to get people to buy from you.  How to do that without selling. 


You won’t want to miss a thing.   Read each tip as I share how to implement these secrets successfully! 


Online Marketing Business Tip 1



  1. Quit All The Sales Hype


The minute you see too many arrows and click here or flashing red signs, people’s radar goes off .   It says, “Someone is trying to sell me something. ” 


Immediately they don’t want it.  They have their defenses up now.   People hate to be sold and pushed into something.


Relax … and trust in you and what your selling.   You don’t need all that.  It’s too much.



Online Marketing Business Tip 2



  1. Tell Them the Benefits Don’t Sell Them The Features


No one cares about all the things you’re going to do.   They want to know what they GET. 


You want to share this with them in a friendly way.  Not a pushy sells way.  Instead of saying buy this.  Let them know how it’s going to change their life.  


How it’s going to give them more time, help them earn more money. 


Instead of saying this will earn you more money.  Show them how it will earn them more money.



Online Marketing Business Tip 3



  1. Writing Articles “Show” People What You Have To Offer. 


If you don’t blog you should start one.  This is the best way by far to really let people in on what you know without selling them.   


I’m using make more money as an example it can be anything.  The point is your showing them through your blog, not telling them.


Make sure your article does just that, shows them how to make more money for example.  You don’t give away the whole ball of wax.    Give them the first couple of tips. Make sure the tips really work.


This way they can try it out and see you really do know what you’re talking about. 


If they read an entire blog post and still aren’t interested in what you offer that’s normal.


Give them the option to join your email list or set up a free consultation where you can find out if you’re a good match for one another. 


People usually need between seven to nine positive experiences with you before they feel comfortable enough to buy.  If they go to your website and read only one article that probably won’t do it.


If you get their email address you have an opportunity to continue growing the relationship.   Just make sure that is what you’re going to do.


If you send them emails that only sell your product/service they will unsubscribe before you can blink. 


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Online Marketing Business Tip 4



  1. Share What You Know On Social Media Get Them Interested So They Visit Your Website 


I’ve seen this done many different ways.  I have come up with a formula that works perfect for me and my clients. 


  1. Show what you know.
  2. Build trust by sharing who you are and your experience.
  3. Give them enough information to peek their curiosity so they want more.
  4. Change it up. Give a good mixture of personal, success tips, inspirational and travel.
  5. Don’t give everything away that you know about that subject.


Give them a reason to go to your website so they can finish the article.


Don’t sell them on your social media post.  The idea is to get them to go to your website not scare them away.


Online Marketing Business Tip 5



5. Make Your Social Media and Your Website Very Friendly and Informative


You don’t want people to feel that the only reason your on social media is to sell them.


How do you do that?   Have fun, offer great content and don’t push your product/service. Let it sell its self. 



Online Marketing Business Tip 6


6. Socialize on Social Media


Too many people are forgetting to meet people and network on social media.  Don’t post a picture of you with your family and then turn around and sell your product or service below that.


You want to have the posts that are only about your family.   Posts that are only about your vacation.


Nothing else!


That’s how you get people’s defenses down.  If you are always selling people will never start buying.   You want to mix it up.  Then another post is a tip of some kind so they see you do know what you’re talking about. 


Get them interested about what you do and who you are.  Let your work speak for itself when you post it.


It takes time for people to feel they know you. If you don’t allow that time you’re out there playing a numbers game.


Which means you have to hit thousands of people a day just to get one yes.  Instead of twenty people a day and eventually you will get the yes.  If you have targeted followers.


Online Marketing Business Tip 7


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7. Don’t Hit People Up The First Time They Start Following You


Your goal might be for them to join your Facebook group or buy your product/service.   That is a secondary goal once they get to know you.  Don’t expect that the minute they read your first social media post. 


Always remember if your selling people will sense that and get their defenses up. 


Online Marketing Business Tip 8


8. Wait Before You DM Someone Until You Have Built a Relationship With Them 


If you don’t know someone it’s hard to believe they want to work with you.   Or have you join their group etc.


If you’re using social media correctly you won’t have to use that hard sales approach.  Which comes off a bit desperate I might add.


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