13 Remarkable Writing Tips That Get Results Fast

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Are you having problems getting people to read  your articles?   I have some revolutionary writing tips that everyone doesn’t know. 


Imagine that your article gets thousands of clicks each time you post it.   Here are some sure-fire tips that will do just that.


Take notes you won’t want to miss one tip!  I offer secrets here I guarantee you won’t find in every article. 


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Writing Tips – Be You  Have a Fun Upbeat Voice



  1. It’s Very Important You Find Your Authentic Voice.



Talk to your readers like they’re your friends.  Let your personality shine.  This is your opportunity to make your reader feel like they’ve known you for years. 



It is a known fact that you should write at an 8th grade level.  This makes your article easy to read.  You don’t want people having to Google what a something means every couple of words.



I always go back and edit, edit, edit.  Read it over at least four times just to make sure it’s awesome.  Once your finished read it out loud if it still sounds good, publish!   



 Writing Tips – Break it Up For Easy Scanning



  1. Make It Easy To Scan.



You should never have long paragraphs.  Keep it to three sentences at the most.  You want lots of white space.  Otherwise people take one look and click right to the next website.


Make sure you break up each section with a heading.  It allows people to skip to the part they are interested in. 


Another great thing about headings.  They are a great way to get your key word in without having to use it un-naturally in your article.   A little trick I learned awhile ago.


You need to use your key word at least eight or nine times depending on the length of the article.  Rule of thumb is once every 200-300 words.


This gets it into the article enough times for the search engines, while not sounding like you’re a robot.


Writing Tips –  Always Have a Killer Headline


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  1. Your Headline Will Make or Break You.



If your headline doesn’t draw people in no one will ever read your article. There are a couple of ways you can come up with great headlines.   The rules I follow are:



  1. You want people to know what they are getting.
  2. How it will benefit them.
  3. It needs to sound urgent. You want to create the need for them to read this now.




What I have found is” how to” articles are the most popular and if you tell them how many tips or secrets that’s even better. 


If writing headlines is not your thing.  Don’t worry I have the perfect solution.  You can test your headline by going to Coshedule.Com  


This is an excellent website for testing your headlines.   They score your headline that lets you know if you have a winner or not.


If that’s not enough they give they give you a detailed breakdown of why you got the score and what is great and what you can improve on.


They also offer suggestions and details on how to write successful headlines.   You can’t beat that.



Writing Tips – Your First Sentence is Where The Money Lies  


  1. Make Sure Your Opening Paragraph and Especially The First Sentence Grabs Your Reader immediately.


If you don’t make your first sentence appealing just like the headline, people will click right off your website.  


What you want to do is recap in that first paragraph what they are going to get.


People have very little time these days so they want to know you are going to deliver on your headline promise.




Writing Tips –  How To Keep Them Reading



  1. Use Words That Entice Them to Read Your Entire Article.


Let your readers know what they can expect down the line if they keep reading.  Make them a promise they can’t refuse.  Just make sure you keep that promise.


A great example would be:   “Make sure you read every tip.   I reveal more secrets on how to write a winning article.  You won’t want to miss one profitable tip.”



Writing Tips –  Use Powerful Graphics


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  1. You Want to Use Dynamic Pictures to Invoke a Positive Feeling From Your Readers.


The main picture you choose is the most important.  You want something that draws people in.  Makes them want to click on your article.


Pictures are another great way to break up the dialogue.  It’s a good idea to have a picture every 400-500 words.


Using charts to prove your point is another great way to get a graphic in your article that adds to your readers  experience.



Writing Tips –  Keywords Are a Must



  1. I Always Say Write an Article With a Plan.



In order to get results from your article you have to write about something people are interested in.   Do a keyword search.


The trick to this is finding a keyword that people are searching for.   Just not one that is so popular you will never get listed for it on the search engines.


I use Google Key Word Search but there are many other ones you can use that go even further.  One I recommend is Semrush.com


They give you a trail period for free.  It’s worth checking out for sure.  They give you a percentage of how easy or difficult it is to get found for a key word.


Along with keywords your competitors are using successfully.



  Writing Tips –  Words That Make People Take Action



  1. Knowing Which Words Get People to Respond is a Key Element To Success.


The type of words you use make all the difference.  You want to use words that evoke emotion and make people take action.


One word that works well is imagine.  You would say imagine that you can make all your dreams come true etc.  This gets people hooked because now they are imagining their success. 


Asking people questions is another great way to get your readers involved and engaged in your material.


You want to  let them know you understand their problems and you have the solution. 


It’s a good idea to have a list of emotional and powerful words that affect the way people feel.  This way they are excited and keep reading.


Partial List of Powerful Words That Motivate People :


  • Sure fire
  • Unique
  • Remarkable
  • Hurry
  • Bargain
  • Secrets
  • Special
  • Enormous
  • Wealth
  • Soar
  • Timely
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Miracle
  • Approved
  • Promising
  • Successful
  • Bottom line
  • Colossal
  • Sensational


Writing Tips –  What Type of Articles Are Popular


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  1. Certain Articles Get More Clicks Than Others.


Certain types of blog posts are more popular than others .  These are the  three top choices people love to read.



  1. How to articles
  2. Tips and Secrets
  3. Articles with numbers Like this one 13 remarkable writing tips that gets results fast.




Writing Tips – Always Have A Call To Action


  1.  Think About What You Want to Achieve Before You Write Your Article


You May Want Them to Buy a Product or Service.  The best way to achieve this is to get them on your mailing list.  You can do this in a number of ways.


  1. It can pop up when people get to your site.
  2. Offer something free in the article and they automatically go on your list.
  3. Have it as your call to action at the end of your article.
  4. Put it on the right side of your website.


I use a couple of those options.  I have a pop up half way through the page.  This way you get a chance to see if you want to opt-in to my success tips.   As opposed to it popping up right away.


I have it on the right side of my website.  I also at times have it as my end of the article call to action.


My main objective is to let you see who I am.  while showing you my successful knowledge and experience.  Once you opt-in to my success tips  that will give you the incentive down the line to work with me.


It’s always a great idea to offer something of value to incentivize people to opt-in.  I give away a free mini-class on my top five tips for how to get business with social media and become an influencer.


Be sure that you only use one call to action at a time.  If you have one at the end great, don’t have another one right below it.  If people have too many options they get confused and chose nothing.


The biggest mistake you can make is to have no call to action.  People have come to your website and enjoyed your article.


Make sure you offer them something else at the end.  That is what I mean by having a plan for each article you write.   




Writing Tips – How To Get People To link to You



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  1. Getting Links Is One Way Google Knows Your Site is Worth Listing On The First Page.


There are a number of ways to get back links.  Since this is an article about writing tips.   I’m going to tell you how to do this by writing a block buster article.   


You want to make your article so juicy and so chock full of tremendous value.  This way people will want to share it.  They will want to link to it.  They will want to bookmark it.


All of this shows Google it’s worthy.  This helps you to get your article read as well.


Remember don’t hold back when writing your blog post.  That doesn’t mean you give away everything you know.    Make sure it’s long enough people have to bookmark it just to come back to it as a reference.


If you share profitable information that pays off.   People will be sure to share it with their audience because it makes them look good. 


Writing Tips –  Make it Easy To Share Your Article



  1. Sharing is Essential to Your Success.



Make sure you  use the different sharing icons on your blog posts.


You should have a Twitter icon, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn.


If you have other accounts where you can share articles add those as well.  You never know what accounts your readers will have.  Give them options. 




Writing Tips – Don’t forget to Promote Your Blog Post


  1.  Get it Out Into The World For Everyone to See.


Now that you’ve done all this great work it’s time to spread the love.   Here are some of the best places to promote your blog posts.


  1. Google+ may not be your go to social network but you still want to use it.

This is where Google notices your articles.  You do want to have your blogs automatically post to at least three different sites.

  1. I have mine going to Twitter, My Facebook Page and Google+ automatically when the blog is published.

3. Then post it to Pinterest in the correct category it falls under.

4. LinkedIn.   There you have options to also post to a group.

5. Share it on sites that let other people share your articles like Tribber.

6. Put it in your newsletter with a link so people can click over and read it.

7. Digg is another website that has been around for a while.

8.  BizSugar that is a smaller site but you can get some traffic if you are consistent.

9.  Tumbler is a good one if you have great photos that go with your blog post.

10. Share on Instagram that you have a new blog post.

You do that by posting a picture that works best with your new article.  Under your picture you give a couple of tips from your article.


Then let them know they can find the rest on your website by giving them the name of your post. 


Happy Writing!  Remember have a plan, enjoy yourself, promote your blog, grab people’s attention with your headline and be you!


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


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