7 Breakthrough Tips For Overcoming Procrastination To Boost Your Business

overcoming procrastination

Do you feel stuck?  No Energy?  I know it’s not easy overcoming procrastination when you’ve lost your mojo. 


Although that is a problem you can’t afford to have when you’re in business for yourself.


I get it!   Even though I have a type A personality and getting things done is not my usually my issue.


I did go through a period in my life when I was stuck and procrastinating.   I understand how difficult that can be.  It affects every area of your life.


I had to do something to turn that awful feeling around.  What I did was use these simple effective tips for overcoming procrastination.   These will get you back on track and winning in no time.


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Overcoming Procrastination – Accountability is Key


  1. Find Someone You Can Be Accountable To On a Daily/Weekly Basis.


The best thing I ever did was get my own life coach to get me back on track.  You can use a friend or colleague that needs the same support.


Another great way is to join a support group or a mastermind group.  I have been facilitating  my popular Success Mastermind Group for over twelve years.  


Getting into a group like this will give you tons of motivation and the accountability you need when you’re in business for yourself.  



Overcoming Procrastination –  Make a To-Do List



  1. Make A To Do List Every Day.


This is pretty easy as long as you follow it.  Make sure you put this somewhere you can easily see it.  You can use an app. for this as well.  They have plenty you can choose from.



I made my list on my phone and set an alarm everyday that reminded me to look at it.  I would check off each item as I went.  I started out with only five items.



This allowed me to feel good about myself every time I completed one of them.  Start with little things that you know you will do.  This way you will build momentum. 



Overcoming Procrastination –  How to Start Your Day


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  1. You Want To Start Your Day Doing Something You Love.


What I found that caused my procrastination, I was doing too many tasks and not enough of the things I loved doing. 


If you know you’re going to start your day doing something you love you are more likely to do it.  This doesn’t matter what it is just pick something you love.  Even if it isn’t business related.  Just to get you moving.



Once you have done that you feel so good that you start to get motivated to do the next thing.  Before you know it you’re on a roll.   



Overcoming Procrastination – Remember Why You Started



  1. Reminding Yourself Why You Started Your Project / Business.



This is important to getting you excited and motivated again.  Take yourself back to the beginning of what motivated you start your business.


I’m sure you had dreams of what your life would be like.  You felt free and unencumbered by a boss.  You can now do whatever you want to do. 


We all have our reasons why we start a business or project.  Write that vision down on a sticky.   Put it your computer so you can see that every day. 


Start your day looking at why you are passionate about what you choose to do in this life.   If you don’t have a purpose that could be what’s causing your procrastination.  


Don’t worry I wrote an article just for you.   How to discover your life purpose and turn it into your career. 



Overcoming Procrastination –  Keep it Simple


  1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself With Too Many Projects.


If we start to do too many things that often causes the procrastination.  When you put too much on your plate it can get so stressful you don’t want to do anything.


Learn to say no.  This is a big one.  I had to learn to do that and it changed my life.  You want to choose the projects and tasks that make sense while moving your business forward.


Don’t worry about turning down a great opportunity.   If you’re at that point where you’re doing nothing because you’re on over load, it’s time to start cutting back. 



Overcoming Procrastination – Watch What You Say To Yourself


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  1. Positive Affirmations Work Great For Overcoming Procrastination.


I realized at one point why I wasn’t motivated to do anything.  I was beating myself up for procrastinating.  Which is only making it worse.  You want to do the exact opposite.


Affirmations That Worked For Me:


  • I am strong
  • I am confident
  • I am successful
  • I can accomplish anything I set my mind to
  • I love my life
  • I am a winner
  • I complete my goals successfully
  • I love yoga
  • I am happy
  • I am healthy
  • I have tons of energy
  • Everything I touch turns to gold



You can add  your own affirmations here.  Whatever is missing in your life.  Turn it into a positive affirmation.  Make sure you use them in the present tense.  


For example don’t say I am going to be happy.  Instead say,  “I am happy.”  If you say you’re going to be than your mind hears it hasn’t happened yet.  The idea is to reprogram your mind that it is happening now.


Make sure you say these affirmations at least once a day.  A great time is in the morning before you start your day.  



Overcoming Procrastination –  Get Your Body Moving


  1. Simple Exercises Can Make a Huge Difference.


One  thing I noticed is when I started doing yoga again my energy picked up.  When we are tired and out of shape it’s difficult to get motivated.


You can even start out by taking a simple walk every morning.   Any type of exercise will make a difference.  Play with your dog.  Do a couple of sit ups.


This doesn’t have to be strenuous.  Start with something simple that you enjoy.  It will change your brain chemistry by releasing positive endorphins.


One of the reasons you’re lacking motivation is because you don’t feel great.  The idea here is to change that.


By doing something physical it makes you feel better about yourself.  It gives you energy and that creates action!


You can choose to start with one of these steps or do all seven of them.  I promise you if you take my suggestions you will be back in business and winning in no time.


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