9 Awesome Tools How to Stay Focused and Achieve Your Dreams

Stay focused

The number one trait of all millionaires is the ability to stay focused.  If you’re lacking this ability you’re at a huge disadvantage.


I put together 9 easy to follow rules that every successful person I know uses. 


Stay tuned and take notes you won’t want to miss even one.


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Stay Focused – Dedicate Certain Hours



  1. Everyone Has Certain Times of The Day When They Function Best.


If you’re a morning person this is your time to accomplish your goals.  I happen to be a night person.  I know I do my best work in the afternoon.


I always carve out time to accomplish important tasks around my high performing hours.  This boosts my concentration and I get more accomplished.


It’s a good idea to stick to the same time every day.  Start a routine.  This way your brain gets used to doing work at certain times.  You’re productivity will increase as well.


This also increases your ability to follow through on accomplishing your goals.



Stay Focused – Choose a High Productivity Place


  1. Figure Out Where You Feel The Most Comfortable With No Distractions.



This is especially important if you have small children and your working from home.  My ex-billionaire boyfriend had a ritual that worked for him like a charm.


Every morning before work he would stay in bed with a cup of tea for a half an hour. This is where he would come up with all his brilliant ideas.  He kept his phone off and made sure he wasn’t distracted.


I was already up and getting ready to start my day.   He knew he wasn’t going to be disturbed.


He rarely ever came up with brilliant ideas at the office.  It was all done in his home sipping tea from his bed for years.


Find your happy place and that’s where you’ll do your best thinking.  There is something magical about working or strategizing  in a place you feel comfortable and serene.



Stay Focused – Meditation


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  1. Meditation is My Secret Weapon.



I love to meditate.   It clears away all the noise and allows me to get into a centered mind space.  This is where all my great ideas come to me. 


You don’t have to be an expert at meditation to take advantage of this method.


Go to a quite place.  Turn off your phone, close your eyes and breath.   Just focus on your breathing.  That’s it.  You can add a mantra if you like.


For instance:   Say to yourself “breath in, breath out.”  Focus your attention on the movement of your stomach going in an out.


Do this for two or three minutes.  Longer if you have experience with meditation.   Once you have cleared your mind your ready to start your day.  


Anytime you find yourself getting distracted you can stop and do the breathing exercise.   This will bring your focus right back where you need it to be.


It also calms your nerves and centers you.  This is a great method to use if your nervous or fidgety as well.


Stay Focused – Get Plenty of Sleep


  1. Sleeping at Least 7 Hours a Night is Essential to Staying Focused.


If you want to get things accomplished, you need to stay on track by getting your sleep. 


There are some people who need less sleep than the normal seven to eight hours.  Most of us actually do need that much sleep. 


Don’t believe the myth that genius’ only sleep three hours a night.  That is very rare.  I happen to know a couple of genius’ and they all sleep seven hours or more.



Stay Focused – Avoid Multi-Tasking


  1. Do One Thing At a Time.



If you really want laser focus you will stream line your work.   Concentrate on one thing only.   It may seem like an accomplishment to multi-task but most of the time it is simply distracting.


If you are running around doing this and doing that.  At the end of the day you won’t end up accomplishing anything. 


Then you start to feel bad about yourself and your project or work isn’t complete either.


The secret here is stick to one thing.  I have to say everyone I know that is successful has that same ability.  They all keep on track.   It’s really simple.   Just stick to what you’re doing until it’s finished.


Stay Focused – Have a Check List


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  1. Make a List of What You Need To Get Done Each Day.



The best way to keep yourself in the game.  Working on one thing at a time.  I live and die by my to-do list. 


If I don’t have something keeping me focused, before I know it, I’m doing mindless tasks. I’m reading my emails.   I start answering personal calls.


I end up doing everything but what I need to get done.  Most people use an app. for this.  They have easy to do lists you can use right on your phone.  That’s what I use and I love it.



Stay Focused – Take Breaks



  1. Give Yourself Scheduled Breaks During The Day.



If you keep working 24/7 with no down time it’s very easy to get off track.   This is one of the biggest problems entrepreneurs who work from home seem to have.


You have no off button.  I use to fit right into this category.  Since your office is in your home you can work all day and well into the night.


You need to schedule time for a morning  break, lunch  break,  afternoon break and dinner break.   It’s best that you don’t go back to work after dinner.  If you do, make sure you take a long break in between.


It’s a known fact that if you don’t give yourself some down time you will not stay focused.  Often when you come back from your break the answer you couldn’t think of will be there.


Stay Focused – Certain Foods Can Help


  1. Eating Breakfast Really Does Have Its Focus Advantages.



Eating too much or too little will have the opposite effect on your ability to focus.  Keep these all in moderation and watch what a big difference they make.


  • Coffee
  • Fish that is rich in mega 3 fatty acids
  • Fruit or a glass of Orange Juice
  • Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Avocados and Whole Grains
  • Blue berries
  • Vitamin B
  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo
  • Green Tea
  • Stay Hydrated


The good news is these foods provide many other excellent health benefits.  Like fighting off cancer and living longer to name a few.


I live on green tea.   I can tell you that gives me laser focus and I feel much younger than I actually am.  I have to give credit to all the green tea I drink all day long.



Stay Focused – Exercise Mentally and Physically


  1. Working Out is Always a Great Way to Stay Alert.


Exercise is a big benefit in many ways.  If you’re in shape and strong you tend to stay focused and keep your train of thought easier.


You may be thinking you can leave this step out.  Really I saved the best step for last. 


There are many excellent ways you can exercise your brain.  This will train your brain to learn to stay focused. 


One thing you can do is practice memorizing things.  This will keep your mind sharp.  Play the game concentration for instance.


Practice listening to other people.  Really pay attention when people are talking. Afterward see how much you retained.


Doing things like this will strengthen your memory as well.  It will also keep your brain young and alert.


I highly suggest using all nine of these tools to staying focused.  If you start today you will notice a huge difference in no time.


I use them all and I have laser focus.  When I start straying away from some these actions it takes a toll on my work and ability to concentrate.


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