9 Awesome Instagram Tips and Secrets That Will Boost Your Business

Instagram tips

Are you looking for Instagram tips that actually get you business?



Have you had enough of trying to get business with social media?


Instagram tips
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What if I told you that you can triple or even quadruple your business by using my powerful techniques?



Would you be interested?


I discovered gold when I started using Instagram earlier this year.  Yes I used it before and thought nothing of it.  It didn’t work.


I determined it was for teenagers basically and stopped using it for years.



I decided to give it another shot.  This time I went back and did my homework.  I tested out many different posts and used some of my successful marketing strategies. 


What I discovered was like hitting the lottery.


Instagram has its own personality.   You can’t use the same tactics you do with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and expect to get results.


Buckle your seat belt and get ready to have your business take off!


Instagram Tips –  Building Your Following  With The Right Hash Tags



  1. It’s Important to Build a Targeted Following.


This is true on any social media platform.  On Instagram the way to do that is a little different. 


You can of course follow other people who have the same interests you do.  You can follow your competitors followers as well.


But the number one way to get followers on Instagram is through hash tags.  Not just any hash tags but the accurate hash tags.


I give you some examples of what I mean by accurate.  You’re looking for hash tags that attract the people you want to follow you.  If you’re a life coach you should try some of these hash tags:


  • #lifecoachingtips
  • #lifecoaching101
  • #onlinebusiness
  • #socialmediatips
  • #workingfromhome


Now let’s take it a bit further.  Use hash tags that describe what your posting.  Also use long tail hash tags. 



For instance if you’re posting something that tells people how to grow their business these are examples of successful hash tags:


  • #workfromhomesuccess
  • #makeyourdreamscometrue
  • #youcandoanything


These work great for motivational posts that give people tips. 


  • #howtogrowyourbusiness
  • #socialmediamarketingtips
  • #motivationalsuccesstips
  • #howtomakethingshappen
  • #bestwaytostartyourday
  • #wordsofwisdom
  • #Startingahomebasedbusiness
  • #onlinebusinessmotivation
  • #onlinebusinesstips


These hash tags are great  because you are not competing with as many people. If you just used #motivation then you would have millions of posts to compete with.


You should do some experimenting on your own.  Not all hash tags are the same.


I found that when I used #girlpower it brought in people who worked out.    When I used #travel it brought in travel agencies and world travelers.


You want to pay attention to who is responding to your hash tags.  This can save you a lot of time and energy.


Now when I post my travel pictures I decided to change it up by using:  


  • #vacation
  • #funtimes
  • #amazingphotos
  • #freetime
  • #thegoodlife
  • #ladybosslifestyle
  • #successfulentrepreneurlife


These produced a different set of people who were in my target market.



Instagram Tips – Hash Tags That Bring Results 


Instagram tips
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  1. Change Your Hash Tags on Each Post


I’ve found that using the same hash tags over and over will often bring the in the same people.  You want to mix it up so it attracts a different target market. 



You can only use 30 hash tags per post.


I suggest using as many as possible up to that number.  If you use more it will completely wipe away your entire post except for the picture after you post it.  Make sure you count your hash tags before you post. 


The ones you use in your post count as the thirty minimum.  I made that mistake and believe me it wasn’t fun having to rewrite my entire post again.


Some hash tags you might want to try to get more followers and likes are, #instalike and #instagood. 


#instalike  means that you will like the persons post back.  You don’t have to follow them if they are not in your target market.  But you should at least like their post back as long as it’s not vulgar or offensive.


#instagood means the post is special.  That tends to pull in a lot of people as well.  Both of those will help you build your following much faster.



Instagram Tips – Have a Plan For Your Content



  1. Don’t Post Random Pictures Just Because.  Each Post Should Have a Purpose.



Posting once a day is more than enough on Instagram.  This way it allows you to engage more with the people commenting on your posts.


When I say have a plan I mean decide what you want to gain from the post. 


If your goal is to get people to read your latest blog on your website.  Post a picture that has to do with what your blog is about.  You can even use the main picture from your blog.


If it doesn’t have any words on it I suggest adding them.  When I did this I used the main picture I used for my blog.   It didn’t have any words so I added:


” Are you lost when it comes to selling online?”


The picture was a beautiful women in a designer gown walking alone, down the middle of the street.  She was in the desert with sand covering most of the street.



Now I have captured your attention.  I still want you to continue on and read what I wrote under my picture.


Instagram Tips – How To Get People To Read Your Posts



  1. To Accomplish This You Use The Line Right Below Your Picture.



That is what everyone will see.  That line has to make people hit the more link.  To read on.  You want something they can’t resist that pulls them in. 


Your plan here is that they read your blog post.  With that in mind you have to get them to read your Instagram  post first.   


Asking them a question in that space has worked well.  Promising them there are tips or secrets to come is another great option.


Explaining what they get if they read your post has also worked well.


Whatever you decide to use in that first line under your picture needs to grab their attention.


Instagram Tips – Getting People To Take Action


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  1. You Want Them To Go To Your Website.


In order to do this make sure your post is not one long paragraph.  Break each thought up making it easy  to read.  Keep each thought interesting and short.


Give them a taste of what is to come if they read your article.  What I have done in the past is post the first paragraph of my article in small bites under my picture.


Then I tell them what to expect in my blog post once they go to my website.   I make them a promise that I do keep of what they will GET if they read it. 


In essence I am letting them sample a little and selling the rest.  This balance has worked extremely well.



Instagram Tips – Know What You Want People To Do Once They Get To Your Website



  1. In Addition to Reading Your Article You Should Have A Goal in Mind.


Mine is to get them to sign up for my success tips.  This is what they see when they first go to my website.


I hope they read the article but if they only sign up for my success tips that is a win.  I offer an incentive which is my Free mini class on “How to Become a Social Media Star With My Five Secrets.” 


You should offer them something that solves a problem for them.   This way they have incentive to sign up for your mailing list.  I talk more about how to do this in my article 8 Top Secrets How To Sell Without Selling.



Instagram Tips – Let People Get To Know You



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  1. Have a Selection of Different Types of Posts.


You want people get a feel for who you are.


Let them see your knowledge in business.   Give them a glimpse of who you are personally.  Share your wins and acknowledgements. 


Post tips that help them solve their problems.  This way they can get a feel of what kind of knowledge you have.


Post questions so you can engage with your followers and get to know them.


You can ask many types of questions.  Change it up from week to week.  I asked people what’s the one thing they haven’t yet accomplished?  



This gave me ideas of what people needed from me.  You can build a product or class around those answers.


Another week I asked what everyone was grateful for.  This helps the bonding process.  You are getting to know your followers so they become friends not followers.


I also post inspirational messages that help motivate people and give them hope.  When I do this I share with them in with my post on how I got to where I am.  Sometimes I will share about overcoming an obstacle.


This helps people see that you are a person too and have problems just like they do.


I post personal pictures of my family and vacations.  When I do that I don’t post any type of sells pitch under those posts.  They are only there for relationship building.


If you post something under those personal posts people will never see you as a person.  They will only see you as someone trying to sell them.


Follow me on Instagram so you can see exactly what I’m sharing and I promise I will follow you back.



Instagram Tips –  Engage With Your Audience



  1. It’s Not Enough to Post Something and Simply Like Other People’s Posts.



You want to do the best you can to read their posts and respond. 


At the same time when people are responding to your posts if it’s relevant ask them questions.  Respond back to them with more than just thanks. 


It’s fine if you can’t always do that.  Have certain posts where you know you are going to make time for engagement.


We are all busy and you can’t respond back personally in a long conversation with every person on every post.


Plan out the posts you are going to do that with.   This way you get to know who your followers are.   What they like what they don’t like.


This opens the window into understanding your audience.  It also builds trust.  People do business with people they know like and trust.



Instagram Tips –  Look At Your Statics To See What is Working


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  1. You Have Tools On Your Instagram Account That Tell You How Many People Visited Your Website.


It will also tell you how many people visited your profile.  What is the age demographic of your followers.  Are they male or female.


It’s important you gauge these stats.  You want to know which posts are getting people to visit your website. 


You may have a post that has hundreds of likes but if no one clicked on your website.  You don’t want to post that type of picture when you know you are trying to sell your class or product. 


Remember have fun make friends and be YOU!   Let’s continue this conversation on Instagram tips.  I offer Free Juicy Success Tips that I don’t share anywhere else.


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