8 Mind Blowing Steps To Creating A Brand You Need To Know

creating a brand

Creating a brand for your business is essential to your success.  Don’t make the mistake so many new business owners do and leave that part out all together.


You want to stand out in the sea of millions.  That is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.


creating a brand
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If your business seems to be missing something, branding is probably on the top of that list.


Are you wondering if your branding is working?  That is another area of concern for most small business owners.  They can’t afford a branding expert so they do it themselves. 


I’ve taken over and for the next ten minutes I will be your branding expert.  I will guide you through the most important steps.  These will put your business on blast so everyone knows who you are.




Creating A Brand – Who Are You?



  1. You Must Have a Niche.



For instance if you’re a life coach what kind of life coach are you?  The more exact the better this works. 


If  your specialty is marketing you would be a Marketing Coach.   If your expertise is health you would be a weight loss coach or nutritional coach.


Read my article on Niche Marketing.   This way you’re up to speed on how to create your niche successfully.



Creating A Brand – What’s Special About You?



  1. What Do You Do That Stands Out?



What special skills and abilities do you have?   What have you accomplished?  You want to create a picture here so people understand what you offer that no one else does. 


Start brainstorming until you come up with an outstanding list that outlines your accomplishments.   In my case I have twenty plus years of experience.  That would be something you would want to highlight. 


I have also won over 75 high achievement awards in marketing and sales.  That is something else I highlight on all my social media, website and my email signature.  


If you have ever won anything or you have any credentials, special schooling.  You may even be certified like I am.  These are all things you want to use.


You want to lead with these special qualifications.   Remember you need to get people’s attention.


You don’t have long to do that on the Internet.



Creating A Brand –  You’re Personality



  1. Every Brand Has a Personality.


Are you serious?  Is your approach more laid back?  Are you spiritual?  Do you have a positive side to you?  Are you humorous?


Decide what you want to show to the world.  If you’re a life coach and your specialty is meditation.  You would want to play up the spiritual aspect of your brand.


Be you most of all.  If you’re not authentic it will show in everything you do.  Let the most interesting part of your personality shine.  Boring never won over anyone! 



Creating A Brand – What Does The World Think of You


Creating a brand
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  1. You Want to Control How You are Represented.



It’s important to know what your clients are saying about you?


Do your research to see what others think of you.  One thing you can start with is asking your followers what they think you do?  Can they explain it?


This will tell you if you have a clear message.   Most importantly from that information you can make changes.


Once you know your niche.  And have decided what makes you stand out.   You have identified your personality.  Now it’s time put that out into the world. 


You need a tag line.  I like to take the tag line one step further.  It’s called a HUB statement: Hottest Undeniable Benefit.


This way people know what you offer who your clients are and what they will get if they work with you.


Mine is:  Partnering with entrepreneurs and professionals to create balanced lives while earning more money. 


The tag line you use on your website should also be on your social media.  The same with any logos or profile pictures.


Hence you want to be recognized across the board on all platforms.  That’s what branding is. You want to have a similar look and feel on all your social media.


If you have specific colors for your website your social media should use those same colors. 


Do a search on Google to see what if anything people are saying about your company.  If you haven’t yet created a Google Authorship you want to do that.  


This is a short bio of your background and what you offer.  It will come up in the search results when people Google you.  It’s a great idea to have that in place.  It looks professional.


Creating A Brand – Social Media



  1. Creating Original Content That is Consistent With Your Brand.    


You want to create a social media plan.  This would include the different types of posts you should put out as a brand.


Understand each social media platform has a different feel.   You want to change your voice and content based on what social media platform you’re using.   I’m not talking about changing your look and feel.  


Often what works well on Twitter won’t do well on Instagram.   Twitter is known for sharing other people’s content.   Make sure to use that benefit as well as create your own content.  Have a nice balance.


Successful Posts For Social Media:

  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Come up with your own marketing or success tips
  • Original Images
  • Ask questions that help you get to know your audience
  • Post pictures and videos that help your audience get to know you
  • Use a slide show to give people an idea of what you offer
  • Post personal pictures of your vacations, family moments, your animals


Take the time to design your images or take your own pictures.  Create original tips that help solve your target markets problems.


Most importantly you don’t want to sound like everyone else.  It’s difficult to come up with completely original ideas.  The best way to combat this is use your voice or your opinion when sharing a motivational quote or success tip.


Certainly you want to think about what will draw people in.  The idea is to get them actively participating with your brand. 


Finally don’t post the same thing every day.   Mix it up!  Show people what you know and who you are.



Creating A Brand – What’s Your Story


ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard
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  1. You Need an About Us or About Me Page That Connects With Your Audience.


Therefore let them in so they feel they know you.  Emotion is what triggers a response from people.  Don’t be afraid to tell your story.


Explain how you or your company arrived at the place you are today.


Similarly you can communicate your struggles and how you overcame them.   Share what your mission statement is. 


Furthermore reveal pictures of your staff or your offices if you have them.   If you have a video that demonstrates what you offer, add that to the mix.   


Most importantly make this page personal as well as professional.  This way your reader feels they know who you are.  This is where the relationship building starts.


Finally you want to take it from a cold corporate feeling of,  “who cares.”   To a warm and fuzzy feeling of we have been in your position and understand you.




Creating A Brand – Your Main Communication Funnel



  1. Your Blog Should Be Your Focal Point.


Hence when you are promoting something to your followers use your blog or website as the place you want them to land.


Your blog is a great way to build trust with your audience.   You are “showing” them a preview of what they can expect to get from you.


Evenmore this gives them an incentive to sign up for your email list.  Buy your product or attend your webinar.



Creating A Brand – Building Community


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  1. Put Yourself Places Where People are Meeting.  


  1. Facebook groups.  You can start one or participate in one regularly.
  2. LinkedIn has forums, groups and discussion platforms where you can answer questions and post your blogs.
  3. Quora is another place you can connect and answer questions.  You can post blogs as well as start your own group.
  4. Instagram has live stories now.  You can get people to participate on Instagram with contests and follow parties.
  5. Starting a podcast is another great way to brand yourself as expert in your field.


Above all as a brand you should be creating these contests and parties as well as participating in them.   That way people look to you as the leader in your industry. 

If  you have a weak showing on social media people will think your brand is weak.


Therefore these steps are the basic foundation to building a successful thriving brand.  Let’s continue this conversation on creating a brand.  I offer Free Juicy Success Tips that I don’t share anywhere else.


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