5 Ultimate Secrets That Produce A Winning Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

Is your social media strategy lacking results?


Are you wondering why some people seem to have all the business and you’re struggling?

social media strategy
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Understanding how to utilize your social media is the key to your success.


If you think people aren’t buying from social media you would be wrong.   Eighty five percent of the people on social media have purchased at least one item.


Or they have done business with the people they know and follow.


No one wants to spend hours a day on social media and come up empty.  Pay attention take notes and let’s get your social media strategy on target and winning!



Social Media Strategy – Who Are Your Followers?



  1. Get to Know Your Followers on Social Media.


First of all are you taking the time to get to know your followers? There are many ways you can do this.  You may feel you don’t have time for this.


I can understand that, we are all busy.  Yes this takes a little time.  There are no shortcuts to success.  


The good news is the benefits of doing this far outweigh the time it takes.  If you want your social media accounts to make you money, you have to take the time to nurture them.


It’s pretty much the same with any relationship in your real life.  Treat people with the respect and manners you would in real life.


What would you say to a stranger who walked up to you and said,  “I don’t know you, but I’m great at what I do. You need to buy this right now.”  I don’t think you would be hiring that person anytime soon.


Yet tons of people use that strategy on social media every day.  I’ve had people I just met asking me to read their book, join their group or watch their video.


How much sense does that make?  You have to give people a reason to want to do those things.  Just asking them won’t work.  If we did that for everyone we wouldn’t have a second to do anything else.


The whole point of social media is to be “SOCIAL.”


What that means is when you can have conversations and meaningful interactions.  This does take time.  I know what you’re thinking.  How much time it will take depends on how well you utilize your platform.


Furthermore You want to carve out some time to really get to know the people in your network.  I have said before that one way to do that is take a small group of people each day and talk with them.


You don’t have to try to start long conversations with thousands of people.  You can accomplish this by balancing this out.   Finally try talking with five to ten people a day a couple of days a week.   


Social Media Strategy –  How To Create Engagement 


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  1. Create Posts That Promote Conversations.


Even more you want to get to know your followers and let them get to know you.



Effective Ways To Do This That Really Work:



  • Create posts that ask questions that will promote conversation.


  • Don’t wait for your followers to come to you. Go to their posts and comment, ask questions and participate.


  • Engage with them beyond the simple like or one quick comment.



A great example is by thinking of yourself at a networking event.  When you are at a networking event you introduce yourself.  That leads to a conversation and getting to know the person you’re talking with.


The more you know your followers the better you will be able to adjust your posts. Your blogs, products and programs to meet their needs.  Keep that in mind when asking questions.



Social Media Strategy –  Be Creative



  1. Think Outside Of The Box.



Most Importantly You Want to Capture Your Audience and Keep Their Attention.


When your posting come up with tips questions and motivational sayings that are original.  You can do this by putting the idea or quote in your own words.


Since there isn’t much new under the sun.  Therefore what you want to do is put your take on it.


Examples of How To Put Your Own Take On Things:



  • What’s your way of achieving something?


  • What obstacles did you overcome?


  • What were the steps you had to take to get there?


  • What’s your opinion on a topic?


  • What’s an easier way to achieve something?



Above all this will give your posts your own voice.   People want to hear from you.  Don’t be afraid to stand out and be unique.  Your audience will appreciate  hearing a different angle or perspective.


Social Media Strategy – Types of Posts That Get High Engagement


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  1. Create Posts Based On Your Brand While Capturing The Attention Of Your Audience.



Similarly one way to do this is by coming up with fresh unique posts that have your stamp on them.



Types of Posts That Get High Engagement:


  • Slide show
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Humorous posts
  • Personal pictures from your life
  • Art that you created
  • Motivational Posts
  • How to Posts
  • Facts about your industry
  • Did you know
  • Throw a follow party (on Instagram)
  • Participate in a follow party
  • Participate in a Tweet chat if on Twitter
  • Post follow Friday lists if on Twitter (you can do these throughout the week)
  • Throwback Thursday Pics.
  • Flashback Friday Posts



Social Media Strategy –  Be Kind


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  1. Show Your Followers You Care.



Therefore let people see the upbeat happy part of your life.  Show the real you.  That doesn’t mean you should come off as if you have no problems.   It’s okay to let people know what you are dealing with.


What struggles you have encountered and how have you overcome them.  Because you want to let your followers know that everyday isn’t perfect.


Hence your audience will relate to you more if you show you’re human too.  That doesn’t mean you have to disclose all your personal problems


Besides that people are tired of looking at big businesses that have no face.  They don’t share their feelings.  Therefore everything is cookie cutter.  You want to go beyond that.


Most importantly letting people in to experience with you the fun exciting things you are doing, is a great way of giving that personal touch.


Stay relatable and humble and you will see quality comments and engagement.


Most noteworthy there is nothing more lonely than a large account with thousands of likes and two comments.  That means that person isn’t making comments on anyone else’s posts.


Most importantly have fun.  Make friends and business associates and your experience will be profitable and enjoyable.


Above all follow people back when you know the person is someone you want to associate with. Don’t show people it’s a one way street.


Finally Everyone wants to be followed.  Do you want people to follow you?  Of course you do. We all do. Don’t be one of those accounts where it’s all about them.


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