The Secret to Manifesting Success Using Smart Goals!

Smart Goals

How To Turn Your Desires Into Success = Smart Goals.

If you aren’t where you want to be in your life or business one of top ways to get there is the magic of goal setting.


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Once I discovered that goal setting worked it was like I found a genie in a bottle.  I became unstoppable.


I’m going to share with you how implementing these goal setting techniques surprised even me.  


Get ready… here is the magic formula! I will go over what you need to accomplish your dreams and the steps it will take to get you there.



Smart Goals – The Break Down  




Smart Goals  is An Acronym That Stands For –


  • Specific – Detailed
  • Measurable – Guidelines
  • Attainable – How
  • Realistic – Reasonable
  • Timely – When



Smart Goals  – Specific



  • The Who
  • The What
  • The Where
  • The When



The more detailed you are the better.  For example if your goal is to be wealthy that is too general.   It tells you nothing that you can grab onto.  What your mind needs to know is exactly what you want.


Here’s an example of something your mind can wrap it’s self around:


I will make one million dollars a year by expanding my consulting business in the social media industry within the next five years.


The Who = You

The What = Making One Million a Year

You How = Expanding Your Business

The When = Five Years


Now you have something you can imagine.  The more you can see yourself doing this the more likely it is to come true.




Smart Goals – Measurable


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How Are You Going to Measure This Over Time?


  • Are you hitting your target on time?


  • Do you need to adjust something?


  • Is your time line realistic?


This is where you can adjust something if you’re not in line with hitting your goal.  It’s okay to go back and reevaluate your goal.  Sometimes we have an idea and not until we have put some action behind it can we see what is missing.

Pump up what’s working and adjust what isn’t working.


Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself:


  • Do I need more assistance?
  • Am I the right person for this job or business?
  • Do I have the proper resources?
  • Is my time line to tight?
  • Do I need more time?
  • Do I need more training?
  • Is my budget realistic?
  • Is this something I really want to accomplish?
  • Can I see the goal as a reality?


Make sure you check to see where you are stopping yourself if  you’re not coming close to hitting your first timeline. 


Smart Goals – Attainable/ Achieve /Action  


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Are you going to be able to attain this?  And how? 


What  are your action steps to achieve this goal?  You want to write out how you will make this happen.


Example of How Your List Would Look:


  1. I will hire a sales team/assistant
  2. Expand my presence on social media
  3. Start blogging on a daily/weekly basis
  4. Hire an SEO expert to get listed with the major search engines
  5. Increase my marketing by 35%
  6. Have a monthly promotion or sale to increase awareness and boost business
  7. Join a Mastermind Group
  8. Update my website
  9. Adjust prices to meet with my objectives


This just isn’t going to happen because you wrote it down.  Although that part of the process is important.  It does help to put your goals on paper.  Writing them down or typing them creates a powerful message for your brain.


It is saying I believe in this.  Seeing it in writing gives your brain the hint that you are serious.  If you just think it, that isn’t the same thing.


It even helped me when I would say my goals out loud to the people working for me.

This created excitement and accountability.  Now I have to do this because I told everyone I would.  That alone was responsible for probably 75% of my success.


If you don’t have a team then say it to your coach or mentor.  But Say it…out loud.  And Mean it!




Smart Goals – Realistic


This is one of the most important aspects.  If you are setting a goal that isn’t realistic you are setting yourself up for failure. 


You don’t want to set goals that bring you down and take the air out of your sails.  The idea here is to grow and as you do so will your confidence. 


Some Questions to Ask Yourself:


  • Is this something you’re going to be able to do?
  • Is it attainable?
  • Do you have the knowledge and resources to achieve this?



If you start with goals that are almost impossible you won’t even come close to hitting them. That defeats the purpose and you bring down the whole team.    


You wouldn’t want to say I’m going to make one million dollars my first year in business.  That could happen but it’s not realistic.


That doesn’t mean you can’t dream big.  When setting goals you want to look at them as guidelines for your business.


To me a business plan and goal setting go hand in hand.  You need both of them to build a strong solid foundation on which to grow your business.


Smart Goals – Timely


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The best thing to do is break down your goals so you can measure how well you’re doing along the way.


For Example:  Your Over View


  • The first year – write out what your first year will look like and what you need to do to achieve this.
  • Six months
  • One Month
  • Today (What will you do daily?)



Remember that your daily activities are the building blocks to achieving your goal.  You want to start strong.


Often the first thing you do sets the tone for the day.  This should be something that puts you in a positive mindset.


Once you have a success mindset you are ready for the day.  This doesn’t have to take long.  A great idea is to do a quick five-ten minute visualization of what you want your day to look like.


You can do a couple of stretches or listen to upbeat music.    Read something motivating like the four agreements.  A Tony Robbins video to get you motivated and ready to conquer the world. 


Next you can start out with a couple of minutes to review your goal and make a to-do list for the day.


Start with the one thing that will push your business forward towards hitting your goal.  You have the most energy at this time.  You don’t want to waste it looking at emails or watching TV.


Once you get that momentum going you will feel so great you will be unstoppable. 


When you change what you do daily you change your life.  Therefore let’s continue this conversation about setting your smart goals.  I offer Free Juicy Success Tips that I don’t share anywhere else.


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