7 Fail Proof Secrets To Turn Your Followers Into Customers

7 Fail Proof Secrets That You Need To Know To Turn Your Followers Into Paying Customers. 


There is a reason people aren’t responding to your social media posts. I may not be a genie but my techniques works like magic.


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When I first started my business I knew that I had to stand out from the crowd. I couldn’t just throw facts in a blog post and hope people would rush to sign up for my programs.


I’m going to share with you my secrets that changed my business.  If you follow these tips you too will get customers from your social media accounts. 



Engage Your Followers – Turn Your Followers Into Customers




1. Most people don’t realize they have to engage their readers.  It’s not enough to simply blurt out facts.  Anyone can do this.  You want to take this process deeper and give it meaning.



You want to offer content that your audience is craving.  In order to do this you need to know who your readers are.  What keeps them up at night? What are they missing in their business?



Once you know that you can create content that provides solutions to their problems.  Now this is where most people get off track.  Frankly they get boring.  They start telling you the same thing everyone else is saying.



Tell Stories  – How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers


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How to Turn Your Followers Into Customers




  1. Don’t SELL! You want to use stories and examples to get your point across.  This creates heartfelt material that people can relate to. Share your testimonials, your awards and accomplishments.


Find creative ways to show people you are successful.  Much better than telling them.  Anyone can do that but can they prove it? 


When you start your blog or promotion have a goal in mind. That means that you know by the end of the piece what you want the person to do.  This can be buying your product, signing up for your webinar or e-mail list etc.



Once you start writing forget about the goal.  Just start talking.  Pretend you are talking to your friend.  Think about this for a second.



Do you throw out facts when you talk to your friends?  No.  You share with them your experience and if they have a problem how to solve it.  You certainly don’t push them or sell them with arrows or big signs.



These things won’t work in 2019!  What does work is an easier softer approach.  Called helping them by sharing your knowledge. You should be doing this with your blog as well.


(If you don’t have a blog you need to get one ASAP! This is where you need to be driving all your traffic from social media to.)


You tell them a little about what happened to you,  the obstacles you encountered and how you resolved that situation.



Let People Get To Know You Without Over Sharing – How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers


By Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert



  1. Don’t over share. There is no reason for you to pour your guts out for all to see.  You want to remember to keep it on a friendly but professional scale.



I see people over share to the point of turning off their readers.  Remember your ultimate goal is that you get this person to hire you or buy something from you.  



There is a fine line on how to accomplish this. You share so people can relate and get to know you.  This is a great way to bond with your readers and turn them into friends.



For instance what you don’t do is bring up things that would make you think twice before you hire that person.



Ask yourself before you get too personal.  If someone shared this information with me would I feel comfortable investing my money and time with them?



It’s important I point out here that you can’t create authentic engaging content if you don’t have any direct experience with it. 



Share Your Unique Experience – How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers



  1. Write about what you know. This way you can share your own unique experience.



The idea here is for them to see you as the go to person in your field. It’s also imperative you build trust. And they should love you. So how can you do this?


To clarify by providing original, creative content.  Content that is relevant to your readers needs. You can make it fun and easy by using great photos.  Using your own funny authentic voice.  And finally giving important facts that they don’t hear every day.


One thing I do is ask my audience thought-provoking questions. I get to know their likes dislikes and discover where they are in their business.  As well as what is stopping them from succeeding.



How To Ask Questions That Give You Insight Into Your Followers Needs


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  1. Ask Questions! I asked a question on Instagram awhile ago. It was about what would you do if you won the lottery. What I found out from that post was invaluable.


First of all  I discovered that not one person said they wouldn’t change a thing.  Above all that tells me that everyone who answered that which was about 40-50 people are not where they want to be in their life.


They are all missing something.  I’m sure that goes for most people by the way.


Many of them said they would do things that they could easily do even if they didn’t win the lottery. Which tells me most people feel they have to be financially secure in order to live their dream life.  Not true!  Yet they believe this.


This gave me a wealth of information to use for upcoming posts products and class’s.



Be Original How To Show People You Are A Leader In Your Industry 




  1. Don’t copy people. You will never be considered a leader if you are repeating what everyone else is already talking about.


You can gage how well you’re doing on that front by your comments.  You want to hear I need to try that or I didn’t know that. Great info.  All are signs that you are coming up with original interesting content. 



Even if you start with a quote other people have heard your post underneath should be original from your point of view.


It needs to be engaging and interesting to your target market.  Don’t ever just post something because you feel you need to post.


It’s better to post less and have every post blow people away.  Then to post 2-3 times a day and each one is boring or mediocre.


Remember it’s not about you it’s about them.  What do they want to know?  What do they need?


For instance you want to mix it up. Be sure to post some personal pictures but make it interesting or funny.  This is a great time for bonding and letting people get to know you.  It’s where you go from a faceless brand to a real person and friend.



Remember in order to accomplish this you have to get a little vulnerable.  Let people see you have struggles too. 


Therefore Sprinkle those pictures in with your other posts.   You are missing the point of social media if there is nothing personal about you in your posts.


It’s a known fact that people do business with people they know like and trust.  Those types of posts check off all three!



Make People Feel Important and Special – How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers



  1. Be kind when you post and comment. Make people feel special so they want to come back.  Be the type of person people want to do business with.



The biggest secret of all is to make your audience feel like they are the stars.  They should feel special and wanted.  No matter how much success you get never make people feel like you are too busy to leave a comment or respond back.



It’s a two-way street.  You should do your best to answer all your comments and to spend a little time getting to know everyone.  Hitting the like button here or there is fine but that shouldn’t be the norm.



For instance comment on other people’s posts as well. If you only comment on certain people’s posts your missing out. That means you don’t know 75% of the people following you.



People buy from people they know and trust and like!  Bottom line.  Get out of your comfort zone take more time and get to know those other people.  You will be surprised how they are the ones that become your best clients.



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