How To Discover Your Life Purpose And Turn It Into A Thriving Business

So many people want to know, “How do I find my life Purpose?” Once I find it, then what?”


These are questions I encounter on a regular basis.  I remember when I didn’t have one. Mine was actually lost, I was searching…


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Before I go on, I want to define what that it means to me.   I believe it is your reason for living.


It is what makes you get up in the morning.  It’s what you love to do and what you naturally do the best.


It is something that lights you up inside and everyone who comes in contact with you can feel that light.


Have you ever been around someone whose energy is so bright you are instantly attracted to that person? They are living their purpose.


I believe we all have a life purpose. Whether we are living it or not is another thing. It’s very much like your life passion.


If you’re reading this article and you think you are one of those rare people who don’t have one, I hate to burst your bubble here.   You have one you just haven’t discovered it yet.


My purpose today is to help you find your Life Purpose.  By sharing with you how I found mine and how I have helped others discover theirs.  Get Ready for the journey of your life! 




Life Purpose What Do You Love To Do?


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  1. Start With a List of All The Things You Love To Do


What makes you smile when you think of doing a certain thing?




  • I love to write
  • Inspiring people to grow
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Meditating
  • Talking to people
  • Shopping
  • Selling
  • Starting new adventures
  • Growing A business


Life Purpose Make A List Of The Things That Come Naturally to You



This list is different from the first because it’s what comes easily for you.  The first is what you love.  Sometimes you will find some are the same.


  1. Examples of My List:


  • Communicating
  • Motivating people
  • Writing
  • Creating new concepts
  • Thinking out side of the box
  • Dancing
  • Sensing people’s energy
  • Growing A business from the ground up
  • Meditating
  • Yoga


I looked at the different things that came easily to me.  Then the things that gave me pleasure.  It seemed inevitable that my life purpose had something to do with people and helping them.


Then I started to examine the different ways I could go about helping people.


I looked at the writing aspect. I looked at teaching. Maybe a yoga or meditation instructor?


I looked at how I love to help people thrive.


I am great at business, sales and closing.



Life Purpose Narrowing It Down



  1.  Take Your Two Lists And Find The Commonalities


New List:


  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Helping people
  • Communicating
  • Motivating people
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Writing
  • Starting a business
  • Marketing




Life Purpose Trying It On For Size


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  1.  Imagined Yourself As Some of The Things You Listed


What would that actually feel like?


Is that something that fits into your life?


Does this help people?


I did this with each item in the list.  I took the time to try these different ideas on for size and see how they fit.  This can be done in many different ways.  Visualization is an option.


Another way can be to try out the different classes in your area and get a feel for what it would be like.   Think about if “you” were instructing that class.


Can you see yourself doing it?  Does it feel right to you?  After trying on the different ideas in my list in the conventional way, something still didn’t feel quite right.  I had to take a couple more steps to put it altogether.



Life Purpose Thinking Outside The Box



I started out thinking about doing something with yoga.  Maybe a yoga instructor. I really love all the benefits that I get from yoga and meditation.


I love to share with people and to write. I considered starting a yoga blog or writing books on yoga.


Then I had another thought I could write about all the different and amazing techniques I have experienced in meditation.  That was something I loved doing. 


I thought about the different angles that I could write about. My favorite meditation techniques.  Meditation for beginners. The possibilities became endless.


Now my creative juices were flowing.   I was getting really energized about this.


I realized that writing about the things I love was really feeling incredible to me.  I knew that was a big part of my life purpose.


I started to feel like I just won the lottery!  Once I opened my mind to other ways of sharing with people, other than becoming an actual yoga or meditation instructor.   I knew I was making progress.  The gates were opening!


I let these ideas sit with me as I took the next step. I did some investigating on a number of different things on my list. 


I added Motivational speaker, marketing, small business blogger.


Life Purpose Investigating


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  1. I searched the Internet: 


  • How to become a yoga instructor
  • Helping people
  • Motivating people
  • Becoming a motivational speaker
  • Becoming a therapist
  • Teaching meditation
  • How to become a blogger



Next I did a different type of search, one that would tell me who was already doing these things.


How much did they charge?  What were they offering? Was this a viable business? How much money could I make?


I thoroughly investigated their websites and spoke to people who did these types of things.


This way I could really get a feel for what being a motivational speaker or business consultant was like.




Life Purpose Putting It Out There



  1. Ask Your Friends What Are Your Strengths?


I started with my sister, who knows me well and will give it to me straight while being supportive.   That is very important when you’re searching for your life purpose.


Between my sister, Leah and a few other close friends I started to get other ideas.


They may see something you don’t.  Tell them to be honest, you’re not looking for compliments here.


That was very helpful.  The main theme I heard over and over was how gifted I am at helping people with their life, career and business situations.


They said, I have wonderful ideas and I am very inspiring and up lifting.   I’ve had a lot of life experiences was another reoccurring theme.  That would be the understatement of the century.


They pointed out that I was extremely successful in the corporate world.  Making a quarter of a million a year as a Regional Manager in the Personnel Industry. 


Winning over seventy-five high achievement awards for sales, opening and growing new offices.


The company I worked  before that was very much the same.  Breaking records and creating a division for that company that didn’t exist that increased their business by 150% the first three months.


This whole time I left my mind open and listened. Remember I am just investigating now, not making any decisions yet.


I was done with the corporate world by then so I knew my purpose in life was not to go back in that direction.  Although I did add marketing consultant, business blogger and a few others to my list.



Life Purpose Writing It Out


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7.  Write What You Want Your Business To Look Like


I kept all the progress I made up until this point and included that into the writing step.


Something magical happened when I started to write this out.  It felt real to me. I could actually see it coming to life.


I noticed that when I was writing I became more detail oriented.  Everything started to come together.  I started to see my life purpose unfold.


What ended up on that piece of paper is exactly what I’m now doing in my life.


I simply let the writing take me down the path where I wanted to be. I didn’t stop for one moment in and say, “Dawn you can’t do this because you won’t make enough money.”   Or “Dawn, isn’t there quicker way of getting to your life purpose?”


Instead I wrote what I really wanted in life.  Funny enough that is my life purpose.


Life Purpose Example Of The Writing



  1. What is the most important thing(s) I have to offer?

I have learned to find ways to navigate easily and effortlessly in this world.  My enthusiasm and excitement for life! My ability to create something successful from the beginning.  Business and sales experience. I have won over seventy-five awards in those areas. 



2. How do I want to do this?


I want to work from my home office. I want to write while looking at the ocean in a bright sunny environment.


Setting my own hours. ( This is very important to me allowing time for yoga, meditation and my private life.) Balance



 Interacting with clients on a phone a session or holding classes over the internet such as a webinar.  Possibly doing some marketing consulting for large and small companies.


(This is a portion of my rough draft, what I wanted my life to look like. At the time I didn’t know what a life coach did. But I knew what I wanted to be doing.

I knew what came naturally to me.  I knew what my Life Purpose was. Who knew there was a word for it? .. LIFE COACH)


This was in 2006 and people didn’t know what a Life Coach was at that time. It was still very new.  I eventually found my niche in Life Coaching and became a Certified Marketing Coach.


My life purpose is to be of service to all others through self-awareness, inspiration and motivation.


I knew that I wanted my life purpose to transcend into my career and throughout my entire life.


This is something that is very important to me. To live my purpose in everything I do.  While making money.


Life Purpose Putting It All Together


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  1.  Getting Into Action


My first Action Step was to tell my group of friends or support group as I like to call them.  What I had discovered.


Three of them said it sounds like you are talking about a life coach.  I said “Noooo!”  I really didn’t understand what a life coach did at that time.


Second Action Step was to investigate life coaching.  Once I did this thoroughly, taking it a step further.   I talked to a few people who were life coaches and investigated life coaching schools.


I found out that life coaching was exactly what they had been describing.  It was what seemed to come up in my lists and writing as well.  That was a fantastic feeling.


The funny part was, I was already doing this, only I wasn’t getting paid for it.


Life Purpose Overcoming The Obstacles



I did have one problem that kept bothering me.  I am talking about my Life Purpose. Should I be charging for that?


I always felt that what came naturally to me was freely given as a gift and therefore I would also give it away as a gift.


I have found a way around that.  This article and this website has tons of these gifts. FREE! I have free success tips I give away. If you haven’t signed up you should.  These tips are only for my subscribers.


I keep little gold nuggets that produce income just for them.  



Life Purpose Making It Happen



I found an accredited life coaching school.  It was approved by International Coaching Federation.  I was certified by CTA in 2007 after a year of training.


You don’t have to have a certification to be a life coach but it sure helps.  Especially if you are new and haven’t built up a reputation. 


I recommend that whatever you choose as your life purpose career that you don’t take the short cuts.  If you do it will end taking you three times as long.  If they have a school or training by all means take it.


It will give you a huge advantage.  The school I went to trained you on how to be a  life coach.    They also prepared you for going into business on your own.


If you make that decision to be a life coach you are essentially working for yourself.  You will need social media sales tools, a plan, guidance and lots of support. 


Most Life Coach’s don’t think about that.  It’s also a great idea for your first year or two to have your own coach.  To show you the ropes and make sure you have the necessary tools to be successful.


I certainly did that as well.  I also kept in touch with my partner from the school.  We spoke to each other every week for a year and a half.


You want to create success in whatever you choose to do. The choices you make at the beginning of your career will determine the length of time it will take for you to earn a living.


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


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I wish for you all the happiness and success the Universe has to offer  

10 Secret Social Networking Tips That Will Make You A Superstar!

Social Networking Tips

The best social networking tips are the ones coming from a Influencer.   Who has learned how to turn my social media accounts into clients.


I will share with you my top social networking tips.   That will not only boost your influence but help you understand how social media can get you business if done correctly.


Social Networking Tips
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Social Networking Tips  Getting Started


  1. Decide where you want to spend your time. 


Is it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.  Pick two that work for you and start out concentrating on those two.


This way you can build a strong following where people get to know you.


If your spread out to thin it’s a waste of time.  You won’t get the results you’re looking for.


  1. Make sure your followers are people who are interested in what you offer.


You want targeted followers.  The best way to find those is do a search.


If you don’t know who your target audience is.  Look at your competitors followers.  I mean the top people in your field.


See who they are following.  That will give you a good idea who is interested in what you offer.



Social Networking Tips Going The Extra Mile


  1. Go the extra mile. 


Make sure you take the time to go to your followers profile.  See who they are and look at their posts visit their website.


It’s great to like their posts but if you can go the extra mile.   You’ll see results like people opt-in to your newsletter.  Getting clients.  People buying your products.


If that interests you then going the extra mile will pay off big time!


What I mean by that is, if it’s Instagram or facebook comment on people’s posts in a way that starts a conversation.


You want to get to know your followers the same way you would get to know people at a party or a networking function.


Social Networking Tips  Twitter is Better Then You Think


  1. Twitter is a place you want to be if you’re not already on there. 


It’s a great place if you write articles to get your blog posts read and shared.


The goal is to get people to retweet your posts.  Liking and commenting on Twitter is not as beneficial.  You want to let people know that you want retweets.


This will give you four, five even ten times the reach you would have on your own.  


To get retweets make sure you have written an article people want to share.  Then Retweet their blog posts. 


Most likely they will return the favor. If you’re someone with a nice size following people should want you to retweet them.


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  1. Make sure you thank your followers for the retweet when you get one and retweet them back.


That is not only polite but it tells your other followers that you will retweet them if they retweet you.



Make sure you retweet posts that your followers will benefit from.  Don’t retweet anything.  Look at what you are sharing.



If you share valuable information this will make you even more popular.  People start to look to your feed for the top news or great informational posts.



You can’t possibly come up with enough posts on your own so sharing others people’s posts is a perfect way to be thought of as an expert and influncer in your field.



This will also get you more followers because you are tweeting great posts.  Liking someone’s post does nothing to further you or the other person on Twitter.



Twitters algorithm doesn’t work the same way facebook or Instagrams does.  A like on Twitter is not going to put your post at the top of the feed.


So start retweeting people!


Social Networking Tips  Building Relationships That Turn Into Clients



  1. Spend every day choosing at least ten to fifteen new people who you are going to get to know.


Start to develop that relationship.  Spend a bit more time on their page liking commenting and conversing with them.


Use their name in your comments and have fun.  Act like you’re at a social event.  Be charming let people know who you are and ask them questions.


This is how you would get to know people outside of social media.  People are people it works the same way online.


Be consistent and keep liking sharing and retweeting your new friends often.  Don’t drop them or they will drop you.


  1. If you’re on Instagram or facebook post things that create conversation. 


You don’t want to post the same kinds of post every day.


Change it up.  Give them some personal pictures that show what you like doing and who you are.


Share pictures of your family your dog anything that makes you a person and takes you out of that I’m a cold company that doesn’t care about you.


achievement adult agreement arms
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Social Networking Tips How To Create Engagement That Converts To Sales


  1. Share posts that create engagement. 


One good way to do this on Instagram and Facebook is by asking a question.


I found that if you put the question on the post it works better than putting it in the written portion below.  This way people can’t miss it.


Ask questions that relate to your business.  This way you know what they need and what is missing in their business.  From there you can create a webinar a Mp3 an eBook to solve those problems.



  1. When people comment on your posts go back to their posts and do the same thing. 


This shows them you care and you are a team player. It’s not all about you.


Some people suffer from I’m too popular for that.  You may be too busy for that.  So do it when you can but do it.  If you stay relatable people will want to work with you.


People buy from people they trust and like.


Social Networking Tips Show Your Personality = Clients


  1. Most important that people forget is have fun. 


Let your fun personality show on social media.  People get too used to just hitting like and moving on.  Or saying one word.


That’s okay because most people have too many followers to have a long conversation on everyone’s post.


What I do is say a little more than one word and make it personal to their posts when I can.


Later at night when everything has slowed down I go on social media.  Then I have longer conversations and spend more time with each person.


This is what takes me out of the follower zone and into the friend zone.  That is where you want to be.


If you follow these social networking tips you will see a huge improvement in your followers and opt-ins.  Your sales and your reach.


I can get my reach on Twitter into the millions.  Granted I have over 100,000. followers but when my reach hits the millions that means people are retweeting me.


Don’t ever discount the value of that.  I can see my click rates on those shares and they are in the hundreds sometimes more for one post.


Happy retweeting peeps!  



Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


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How To Boost Your Business By Developing Intuition

developing Intuition

By developing intuition I gave myself a sometimes scary but awe-inspiring upper hand in life.


When I first started to make the effort to develop my intuition I had no idea the wonderful and amazing surprises that were in store for me. I started to feel like I had an unfair advantage in life that other people didn’t have.


Then I realized that other people have it too they just don’t know how to use it.


Sit tight and get ready to walk into an existence where your intuition is your greatest alley…


I am going to take you on a journey here that opens up a world of possibilities you probably never knew existed.



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Developing Intuition  How To Uncover It


Did you know we all have the ability to sense when something isn’t right?   Not just some time but all the time!


We all have what is called gut instinct, when your gut is telling you something that is your intuition.


We all have a built-in intuitive system.   If we pay attention to it tells us what decisions to make.  Who really has our best interests at heart and if another person is being honest with us.


I now use my intuition for everything I do in life. It is like having an angel on my shoulder that has my best interests at heart.


I started using this ability for my business and right away I saw my profits soar.  I was shocked at first, then I quickly realized of course this works for your business.  It works for everything!



Developing Intuition Where To Start



Imagine for a moment… you have your own Angel on your shoulder that has your best interests at heart.


Who wouldn’t want that?  It is one of life’s gifts to us that we don’t all take advantage of.


In developing intuition you first want to start with bringing your attention to how it feels in your body.  


Some people feel it in their stomach others may feel it in their throat or head. Start paying attention to your body.   Listen to what it is telling you when you meet someone or have to make an important decision in life.


For instance, you meet someone for the first time, at a business meeting.  Within the first minute or so you have made a judgment about the person. 


The way they are dressed how they speak and carry themselves. This is the first impression, and it is mainly visual.


astronomy dark dawn dusk
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After the visual impression you have a feeling about the person. That feeling is your intuition.


When we are on the Internet the same thing happens when we see their profile picture.  That’s why the picture you have on your social media accounts is so important.  That’s your first impression.


You may notice that as you are listening to them talk about themselves or their business your body has a reaction to their energy vibration.   At that time you will either like them or not.


I am sure you can remember meeting someone and saying, I don’t know why but I just don’t like that person.


Or something doesn’t feel right to me about the situation, business deal or the person in general.


Those feelings are your intuition, and when you look back you’ll notice that feeling was right wasn’t it?


Developing Intuition Testing It Out


If this is new to you the next time you meet someone pay attention to your body and the feelings you have about the other person. You will realize for yourself what I am talking about.


The energy that is coming from that person does not lie and you have the natural ability to detect it.


A person can tell you anything.   Their true intentions will come through in the energy vibes they are giving off.


That is why it is important to pay attention, when you hear that little voice saying to you, “Something isn’t right here.”


A lot of people will recognize that something isn’t quite right but then they will ignore those feelings.


Developing Intuition Paying Attention



This is the important part of developing intuition.  Paying attention to your gut feeling.


How many times did you know something and didn’t pay attention to it?  Later said, I should have listened to my gut feeling.


Too Many!  Me too .. I got so sick of saying that I decided to start paying attention and tuning in to my intuitive abilities.


white paper with yeah signage
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Developing Intuition Knowing The Difference


You can do this by reminding yourself you are going to pay attention today to your natural instincts. 


The more aware you are the more your will awaken your intuition.   Remember your intuition is what you are feeling not what you are thinking.


If you understand the difference between those two things you are 90% to developing intuition!



Developing Intuition How To Use It To Increase Your Business



If you have a question about what to charge or what is the next step in your business…


Simply think about your question before you go to sleep.  Your subconscious will work on your problem and when you wake up you will be filled with ideas.


Or if it is one simple question you will instantly have your answer.


It’s like having your own genie in a bottle.  Try this tonight and you will see what I mean.


Developing Intuition Takes Practice



You can practice developing intuition.  This will get to a point where you have significantly enhanced your life and business in every way.


You want to practice and exercise your intuition just like any other muscle.


  1. Start to think about a loved one or someone special to you. Take some time to really picture them in your mind.


Do this for a few days in a row.  Don’t be surprised if they call you.  You may even run into them.  Don’t be surprised if they say,  I have been thinking about you lately I was going to call you.


  1. Practice with things in your everyday life. If your lose something you can use energy scanning.  Close your eyes and let your energy expand all around you.


See it fill your entire home.  Then see if an image or feeling about where the lost item is comes to you.  You may get a vision of the general area.  Go there and look for your lost item.


You’re going to be surprised how well this works. And it doesn’t take long to really hone this skill.



purple and red balloons
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Developing Intuition Training Your Mind


Training your mind is like anything if you do it enough it will pay off big time.


John Holland a successful well-known psychic suggests, use a deck of cards.  Place four cards down in front of you.


Move your hands over the cards slowly.  Now see if you can feel which ones are black and which ones are red.


You may get a warm sensation for red and a cold sensation for black. Go with your first impression you get from each card.


The more you do these types of things the better you will get at using and developing intuition.


Another way I practice is with elevators. When I am waiting for an elevator I try to get a feeling which one will open first.


98% of the time I am right.  When I’m not I know that I have too many other thoughts in my head.  This blocks my intuition from functioning at 100%.


This is beneficial because at that point I can choose to tune into my body.  That opens my intuition and allow it in.



Developing Intuition Using Meditation To Take It To The Next Level


Meditation also helps with developing intuition because it clears your mind and helps you to focus.   Which in turn allows the intuitive part of your brain the clarity it needs to sense what is really going on in.


You rise above thinking when you do  meditation.


This is really important in growing your business.  You want to make strong, solid business decisions.   If you use the meditation along with your intuition you will be able to make big money moves. 


You will be clear and not coming from a place of lack or fear.  Instead you will come from a centered calm place.  That will allow you to take risks that grow your business.


  Developing Intuition What We Think About We Bring About


You know that saying, “What we think about we bring about.” How true is that!


When you start to put your energy toward developing intuition…  You will be amazed at how your psychic awareness starts to grow.


Allowing you to have a system in place where you move through life easily and effortlessly.   We all have this gift it’s about taking the time to perfect it and grow it.


Don’t wait until you have a problem get started today developing your intuition.  This way when you really need it, you’ll be ready.


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


Let’s continue this conversation about developing intuition and talk about how I can further assist you.


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Share With You…



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I wish for you all the happiness and success the Universe has to offer!



The Shocking Truth About Your Website Marketing 7 Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

website marketing

One of the most important aspects of your business is your website marketing.  You have ten seconds to grab your audience’s attention. 


The Shocking truth about your website marketing, here are the facts that you need to know that will show you how to blow away your competition.  It is about getting your website to work with you and not against you.


website marketing



In the twenty-first century your website is not just a brochure it’s much more.   If you don’t have an informative catchy and highly appealing website you’re wasting your time.


I’m going to share with you some of the most important website marketing techniques that will get you that click or opt-in…so pay attention you don’t want to miss a thing.   


yeah printed white board
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Website Marketing Tip – One Color is Everything


Make sure your website is representing you. The look and feel of the web site should show people right away who you are and what you have to offer.


You have to choose the right colors that not only represent you but draw in your visitors.


I’m going to share with you the golden ticket to website marketing success.



Website Marketing Color Chart


  • Confident
  • Passion
  • Stop
  • Energy
  • Strength


Red is probably not the best color for your website.  Although you can effectively use it on your buttons that say buy now or sign up.


It is much more of a stop and do something color than a main website color. Unless of course you are a race car driver.



  • Warm
  • Compassionate
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fall



Orange on the other had is good choice for a website. It works well for life coaches, women’s sites, yoga anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.




  • Joy
  • Sunshine
  • Summer
  • Cheerfulness
  • Sensual
  • Intellect
  • youthful


Yellow is great for young fresh websites.  It creates a feeling of fun energy and it defiantly stands out. If your website is a travel site that caters to tropical locations this would be the way to go.



  • Rich
  • Money
  • Outdoors
  • Nature
  • Healing
  • Security
  • Clean


Green is a great choice if you have a nature site or gardening anything outdoorsy.




  • Air
  • Sky
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Calm
  • Masculine
  • Tranquil



Blue is the top color used for most websites.  It represents trust and stability.  That is what most people want to convey to their visitors.


This way they buy more because they feel comfortable and safe. If you’re confused on what color to use, blue is the best bet.




  • Royal
  • Nobel
  • Powerful
  • Wealthy
  • Ambitious
  • Spiritual
  • Luxury
  • Dignity


Purple is the color of my website.  Purple does tend to be a more feminine color.  It stands for luxury beauty and has a wise spiritual meaning which is what drew me to this color.



  • Feminine
  • Youth
  • Innocence
  • Flirty
  • Romance
  • Gentleness


Pink is most definitely for a girl and a young one at that.  I wouldn’t use it if you want to be taken seriously as a business professional.


It is more of a fun bubbly type of feel.  If you sell candy or have a teen clothing site then pink is your color.




  • Power
  • Dominance
  • Sophistication
  • Polished
  • Luxury
  • Knowledge
  • Slick


This is for modern sites that are hip cool and fast.  If you want to show you’re an affordable site this wouldn’t be the best option. If your selling fast sporty cars or expensive jewelry this would be the way to go.




  • Masculine
  • Serious
  • Rugged
  • Outdoorsy
  • Sturdy


Brown isn’t used very often because it tends to look a bit muddy.  Unless you have a outdoorsy type of site I wouldn’t go this way.


Take this very seriously your website is representing you!  This part of your business is more important than your office, your business card and your brochure all put together.


photo of imac near macbook
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Website Marketing Tip Two – Your Layout


Make sure the layout of your site is easy to follow.


You want people to be able to easily find your blog and other important pages.  The about us page for example would be under the category of important.


Your products or services what you’re selling need to stand out.  


One thing you don’t want on your pages is long paragraphs that go on and on. Everything needs to be spaced out and separated.


Most people are going to glance through your website to find what they are looking for. If it isn’t laid out for easy scanning your website will be skipped altogether.


Make sure you separate each thought.  One way to do this is with bullet points and use sub headings to break up the text.


All of this makes it easy to read.  A website that looks lengthy will bomb!


Website Marketing Tip Three – Do Something Interactive That Creates Engagement


Be creative. Offer something outside of the box. You want people to visit your website and think oh I have to come back here.


You want to add value to your visitors so they come back.  Also you want them to tell their friends about your site as well.


One thing I did was created a quiz.  I designed it myself on how to find your life purpose.   This was great because no one else has it since I created it.


You can do this yourself for free by going to



Website Marketing Tip Four – Keep Them Coming Back


Keep them coming back for more.  Experiment with what works and what doesn’t.


If you are always adding new and interesting things people will keep coming back. I offer different things every couple of months.


Keep it fresh so they come back to see what you’re giving away every month.  It can be Success Tips, Mp3 mini class, a short how to E-book or marketing work sheet that you put on a PDF.


Listen for what people need and create that in a freebie and you’ll be surprised how fast you collect email addresses.


Whatever you come up with it should have your picture or logo and tag line.  This way they remember you every time they use it.



Website Marketing Tip  Five – Have A Call To Action 


Make sure each page ends with asking your client to do something.  That is a call to action.  What’s important to me is getting new clients.  I make my call to action a twenty-minute free marketing consultation. 


You can have them sign up for your newsletter if that’s your main objective.  Have them join your latest webinar.  Whatever it is put it at the end.  You want to use your blog post as a way of building trust.


Your article shows you have the experience and knowledge of someone they would want to work with or buy from.  If you add the call to action right away most likely they won’t take it.


Another important tip only have one call to action.  The biggest mistake I see people make is asking them to do one thing and right under it another thing.


In this case more is not better. People get confused and end up doing nothing.


Another key to success is keep it conversational so it doesn’t sound like a pitch more like a wonderful invitation.




agree agreement ankreuzen arrangement
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Website Marketing Tip Six – Get Their Information


You want to capture their email.   This way when you offer a class or new product you can tell them about it.  The best way to do this is through a newsletter that you don’t call a newsletter. 


That sounds boring and won’t get you many opt-ins.  I call mine success tips and offer them information they won’t find on my website.  I also offer free class’s and lots of goodies.


That is much more appealing and your odds of an opt-in go up substantially.


It’s a good idea if you offer something free just for signing up.  This can be anything that would be of value to your target audience.   I offer a free tele-class on getting more clients through social media.


It’s short to the point and extremely valuable.


You can give away a mini e-book or even a chart that you put on a PDF. Just make sure you keep your newsletter short and to the point.   Also include in each one that value you promised them or they won’t stick around long.


Website Marketing Tip Seven – About Me/Us Page


Always have an about me or about us page.  This is where people get to know you and like you.  It’s important that you build trust on this page.


Let them know exactly what you do that no one else does.  Why your qualified and what experience awards or schooling you have that proves that.


You can and should blow your own horn on this page. Even more importantly add some testimonials let your clients blow your horn for you. 


These are gold and besides your testimonial and product/service pages this is the best place for them.



Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


Let’s continue this conversation about website marketing and talk about how I can further assist you.


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9 Proven Methods to Promote Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

how to promote your business

 How to promote your business is the number one question out of most people’s mouths when they first meet with me.  I bet you’ve asked this question to marketing experts on social media right?  Maybe even right before you found my article. 🙂


The next question is how can we promote our business on a limited budget, which usually means they have zero dollars?  Don’t worry if that’s your problem…

how to promote your business
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I let you in on some of the top creative ways to market  yourself.  Myself  and my clients  have used these tips successfully to promote our business


We walked away with new clients and a significant amount of exposure each time. The cost to you to implement these winning techniques… I am sure you want to know=ZERO well almost nothing.


I say it’s almost nothing because your time is required. Your time is one the most valuable assets you have as a business owner.


Therefore, you do not want to waste it with projects that will not  generate business and acquire visibility.


None of us has time for losing propositions. Read each tip completely as I go into detail on how you promote your business and successfully complete each idea.


You may have even heard of one or two but do you know how to implement these strategies?  Most people don’t. 


text on shelf
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How to Promote your Business – Generate a Free Report 


  1. Generate a Report That Gives Statistics in Your Industry in Any Area That is of a High Interest.


People love statistics and if they can learn something that helps their business on top of it, you will have a huge hit.


It will also help solidify you as an expert, which means a significant difference in respect and your fee’s.


Put this report out on all your social networks.

  • Include it in your newsletter
  • Turn into an info-graphic and post it on Pinterest


Do what you can to make sure it gets the exposure it needs.


Do this regularly and it will generate a lot of traffic and back-links it’s a great way to promote your business.


How to Promote your Business – Implement a Ask You Page



  1. Dedicate a Page on Your Site Where People Can Ask You “How to Questions.”


Put them in your newsletters to get additional coverage. You can tweet some of the questions and ask others to help you answer.


You put out the question with a link for the answer. It will bring people into your website where they can get to know you and opt into your newsletter as well.


This is a great way to show your expertise and build credibility.  You can get ideas for new blog posts while you’re at it.


 I did this for years and it proved very successful.   So successful I couldn’t answer all the questions anymore so I had to let it go.



How to Promote your Business – Host A Podcast/ Radio Show 



  1. Host Your Own Radio or Online TV Show Where The Topics Are in Your Niche.



This opens the door for your target market/niche to walk through and experience your personality, knowledge, and expertise.


I had a blogtalk radio show I hosted along with two other women.   It pulled in over 5000 thousand people every show.  Eventually we built it to over fifteen thousand listeners.


That does take promoting as well, it doesn’t come with 5000 listeners every show.


Once you build up an audience it’s a great way to promote your business.  You can get the word out about any classes or books you have coming out.



It gives you a great opportunity to meet other professionals in your niche as well. I loved putting the show on every week, we had a great time and that is the most important part.



How to Promote your Business – What Will Make You Stand Out?


  1. When You Post on Your Social Media Accounts Make Sure to Engage With Your Followers.


Think about the posts that will get people talking before you post it.  Ask a question when you post.  There are a number of ways to get the conversation going.


The most important part is to respond back in a way that leads to another response.  This way you truly develop a relationship with the person and that leads to trust and trust leads to sales.


Never just post to post.  Always have a plan in mind and an intended result.  You will soon find out through trail and error which posts get people talking and which don’t.


My experience has been that if you post a solution that your target audience resonates with that not only delivers it gets people talking.


If you don’t know what they need perfect.   Ask what they need or what’s missing in their business. That’s another good way to start the conversation. 


Mix it up also, add cute fun pictures of you and your family.  Be original try not to do what everyone else is doing.  Find images that make people stop in their tracks and want to comment.


Inspirational posts are great as well.  Just keep it original try to find something that isn’t stale.  





How to Promote your Business – Start a Super Fun Contest 


alphabet class conceptual cube
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  1. Start a Contest On One Of Your Social Media Accounts.


This will attract people to your website along with giving them the opportunity to see what you offer.  Make sure the contest is something appealing.


I have done a number of contests.   One of them I did on Facebook a couple of years back.   I asked some of my colleagues and clients to participate with me.


This allowed more to give away.  Each one of us gave away something from our websites.


In some cases it was a book or product.   In others it was a free coaching or consulting session.  People signed up and everyday I held a drawing.  Three people each day would win a free product or coaching session.


Myself and the other experts made a big deal posting and tweeting about the winners everyday.  We had a blast doing it.


I ran the contest for two weeks.  I had all the participates help promote it on their social media accounts and in their newsletters as well.


All the leads came to me since it was my contest and I did all the heavy lifting.


Although everyone participating was on the promotion page.  They added their website and picture which gave them tons of exposure.   It was of course a win-win for everyone.


I would do different things like this every couple of months.   I ended up with thousands of qualified leads for my newsletter not to mention lots of new clients.    This also helped position me as an industry leader.



How to Promote your Business – Facilitate a Tweetchat 



  1. Facilitate a Tweetchat Every Week on Twitter.


I hosted my own Tweetchat for two years, called “Lifechanger”.    We talked about different subjects facing small business owners every day. This is a great way to promote your business.


I had three other experts who helped me host it and answer questions.   Really anyone participating could ask or answer a question.


This created lots of exposure for me and the people who participated.


It allowed people to get an idea of our expertise and in many cases brought in new clients and many followers.  Today I have over 100,000.00 followers on Twitter.


I know that things like hosting a Tweetchat really helped to boost my website traffic and followers as well. 



How to Promote your Business – Guest on Other Experts Promotions, Radio Shows 


aluminum audio battery broadcast
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  1. Participate in Other Experts Social Media Promotions and Tele-classes webinars or Radio Shows.



When someone asks you if you want to be on their radio show, webinar or do an interview, if your schedule allows say “YES”.


This gives you multiple ways to get exposure and build your email list and get new clients. 


Make sure you ask first who the speakers are.   You want to be in good company as well as knowing that this promotion will pull in loads of people.  Again time is money and you don’t want to waste yours.


(If no one is asking you, then create your own and you ask them to participate in your speaker webinar.)  After that people will know you!


How to Promote your Business –  Offer A Freebie People Want to Share 


  1. Offer a Give-Away on Your Website.


This is a great way to promote your business and get more website traffic.


Also more opt-ins and clients.  For years I had a number of giveaways that pulled in thousands of visitors every month.     Just from the search engines alone.


People love anything free!   If you use the right key words it’s a bit easier to get on the first page of Google for free stuff.


I offered ten meditation and relaxation Mp3’s to promote my business.   Another giveaway I offer now  is my mini class ” My Top 5 Secrets on How to Get Business With Social Media and Become an influencer.”  Click on the link and it will be in your in box with-in seconds. 


I used the latter to offer as an incentive to opt in to my success tips.


I have to say you don’t have to go as far as I did.  That was a lot of work.  It took some expertise on the recording side to get the quality just right.


You can simply give away a chart or graph.   Something that will help your target audience build their business. 


Do a bit of research here and find out one of their biggest problems.


Solve it for them in a giveaway and BOOM!  You will have a winner.


You can use it as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter.


It’s works like a charm.  Just be sure to give what you say you’re going to in your newsletter.  You want them to open it every time it comes.  I always give away my top secrets in my success tips.      


How to Promote your Business – Create a Blog Post That Include Other Influencers 


eight person huddling
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9. Create a Blog Post That Includes Other Leaders In Your Area Of Expertise 


I used Twitter which can help promote your business, by tweeting them.   


This created buzz around my marketing idea right away.


The Title:  “81 Extraordinary Ways To Get Motivated By 81 Top Motivational Experts.”


I had 81 people participate and they each gave me a quote or their advice.   In exchange for adding a link back to their website I asked them to tweet the article.


I ended up with a great article, tons of web traffic to my blog and great exposure. 


That lead to new clients and increased my Twitter followers at the same time.


This concept was so popular that after I did it, I saw many others follow in my foot steps. This is a great idea and you will end up with oodles of benefits.


Let’s take this one step further…I have been helping people reach six and seven-figure incomes for over twenty years.


Let’s continue getting you more tips on how to promote your business.  Are you tired of not getting business with your social media?  Sick of wasting your time with your website and no one buys a thing?

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