About Dawn Abraham

Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert has a dynamic approach that takes entrepreneurs and gives them the vision, focus and success tools.  That they need to reach beyond their uncertainties and achieve their dreams.


Dawn Abraham inspires business owners to look beyond what is blocking them from success this opening the door to all possibilities.


Through her Success Mastermind Master Class for Entrepreneurs. Dawn furnishes a no-nonsense strategic approach for building a solid & lucrative business that stands out above the crowd.


Dawn understands better than anyone the many aspects of creating your own business and having it succeed.


Utilizing Dawn’s effective and simple success mindset methodology, coupled with strategic goal setting.  Accountability partners and a deliberate winning  program that focuses on how to get business through social media.


This formula is a perfect match for any entrepreneur that has hit a wall or wants to go to that next level.


Dawn provides her proven blueprint for tuning your social media accounts into a client magnet machine.


This catapults you to the front of the line attracting the client attention and respect you need for success.


Dawn Also works with her clients one on one to revamp and reinvent their stalled businesses breathing new life into them.


Dawn has been named by many of the top experts and websites around the world including Top 10 Marketing Experts By Sulia.com & Top 50 Business Coaches By Evancarmichael.com and The Top 4 Marketing Experts By Twitter.com 


Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert

She gives you that extra support to dissolve your blocks and create the business that stands the tallest among the rest.


She has created a business generating millions of dollars from her home in the Marina del Rey California.


Dawn guides you through a series of proven programs that will give you the same success she enjoys.  Buckle up and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.


Dawn Abraham Millionaire Mindset Convention

Dawn Abraham Multi-Award Winning Marketing Expert 

Provides Full Proof Business Programs:  “Designed For Major Success!” 

Individual Business/Marketing Coaching

Success Mastermind Groups

Business Consulting Services


New Digital Downloads Dawn’s Popular Series of Mastermind Class’s Coming This June! 


Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert Expertise


  • Marketing Online
  • Increasing Web Traffic
  • Starting a Small Business
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Marketing Research
  • Social Media
  • Business Branding
  • Advertising
  • Web Copy
  • SEO
  • Google
  • Keyword Marketing
  • Home Based Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Success Mindset

Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert  Published Author


“How to Change Your Career.”

“How to Make Waay More Money With Your Blog”

“How to Discover Your Life Purpose and Turn That Into a Career.”

Coming Soon ” The Magic Of How to Sell More Without Selling”

marketing school business idea
Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert Partial Recognition Around The Web 


  • Certified Master Business Coach
  • Award Winning Marketing Expert 25 Years Experience
  • 75+ High Achievement Awards
  • In the top 1% of influencers on Kred
  • Named Top 50 Social Media Influencers
  • Award Winning Marketing Expert
  • Certified Business & Mindset Coach
  • The Top Expert Website: Sulia.com
  • Partial List of Rankings From Sulia.Com
  • Ranked #20 World Wide Business Expert
  • #46 Motivation & Inspirational Expert
  • #67 Women in Business Expert
  • #134 Small Business Expert
  • #2 Top 50 Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter Via Twitter.Com
  • The Top 100 Business Coaches to Follow on Twitter
  • Top 50 Marketing Coaches  Via  http://www.evancarmichael.com


Partial List of Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert’s Top Clients

  • Time Warner
  • Conde’Naste Publications
  • MTV
  • Cedars Sinai
  • Micro Soft
  • Wilshire & Assoc.
  • Peterson Publishing
  • UCLA
  • The Getty Museum
  • Sabon Entertainment

Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert  Corporate Background


Dawn has over ten years working in Corporate America.  Opening Offices for Nationwide Companies.  Known as The Marketing and Start-Up Wiz & The Woman with the Golden Touch.


She had the top producing offices in the shortest amount of time in the history of this large fortune 500 company.  Highly profitable the 1st year, 2nd year breaking records.  All Her offices were multi-million dollar offices.


Winning over 75 high achievement awards including the Presidents Club and The Circle of Excellence.  For excelling in marketing and sales for five consecutive years.


Listed Below Are Just Some of Dawn’s Many Awards and Achievements:


Dawn Abraham’s Popular Zanny Fun Outrageous  Radio Show She Hosted For Three Years: “It’s OKAY TO BE YOU!!” 

Dawn Abraham’s Radio ShowThe Law of Attraction With Expert Eva Gregory”


Dawn Abraham’s Radio Shows About “How To Transform Your Business Using Her Secret Success Techniques”



Dawn Being Interviewed By Entrepreneur and Succesful Radio Host:  Matthew Redmond On How To Create A Successful Mindset That Results Into Business Success.  Dawn Talks About Her Up Coming Book On How To Create The Life You Want in 30 Days or Less.



The Queen of MOTIVATION, Dawn Abraham, CEO of Motivational Whisperers will be my guest on our opening show.

“Out of this World Motivation Tips That Get You Pumped Up & Ready to Rock! “

One of The Many Promotions Dawn Abraham Created Over the Years 

The All Stars Coaching & Consulting  Spectacular

Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert CEO Promotion
Dawn Abraham Promotes The Coaching All Star Program of The Year

Partial  List of Awards Achieved By Dawn Abraham 

  • #1 Regional Manager New Offices
  • Award Winning Sales Director
  • Award Winning Regional Manager
  • Highest Gross Margin
  • Customer Retention
  • Product Innovation
  • Fastest Growing Offices
  • Customer Service
  • Highest New Customer Sales
  • Winner 1st place in over twenty-five sales contests
  • Won over 75 High Achievement Awards
  • Presidents club 5 years in a row over a million a year in sales
  • First Year was in the Circle of Excellence Over 500,000 a year in sales


Dawn Abraham Shares Her Story In Her Own Words


Dawn Abraham Actress on Dynasty
Dawn Abraham Actress Dynasty

Dawn Abraham TV and Movie Actress

I started out as an actress when I first got to Los Angeles.  Doing many TV, movies and modeling jobs.  I was even on the smash hit Dynasty.  I played Melody on “The Young and The Restless.”


I was in Micky Spline’s Mike Hammer.  I guest starred in the TV sitcom 9 to 5 Starring Sally Struthers.   I did a movie for Show Time  where I spent over a month on location in South Africa.  That was quite the experience. I co-stared with John Saxon and Richard Hatch.


Dawn Abraham Movie Actress
Dawn Abraham Actress in The Movie Mikes Murder With Debra Winger



My first movie was a MGM film Starring Debra Winger called Mike’s Murder. Myself and a beautiful playmate centerfold were Paul Winfield’s girl friends in that movie.


I really had the time of my life most of my  life.  I always went after what I wanted and never thought I couldn’t achieve it. That mindset served me well. Of course I used that to create the successful million dollar business I run now.


There was no shortage of fun. Took acting class’s from the top teachers in the industry.   Became friends and dated many celebrities along the way. 


I was hoonered as the upcoming actress in Hollywood after landing a re-occuring role on the “Young and The Restless”  I was signing autographs like a superstar.  It was so much fun.  I couldn’t believe all these people were lined up outside for a photo and autograph from me.


Dawn Abraham Actress TV Star
Spend an Evening Honoring TV Star Dawn Abraham


One star that stands out is Mary Crosby, Bing Cosby’s daughter. She starred in Dallas with Larry Hangman. She was the person who shot JR.


I met Mary and her husband when I was on location in South Africa filming a movie.  They were staying in the same hotel. We became friends right away.


They ended up fixing me up with Lee Majors. The Six Million Dollar man who was married and then divorced Farah Fawcett.


I really thought both of them were down to earth and sweetest people you could ever meet.  Lee was another story.  Nice but after a while I realized not my cup of tea.


I had the pleasure of dating some very exciting men, many of who were major celebrities.  I went to dozens of red carpet events and all the top Hollywood parties.


I had a lot of beautiful Play Mates as friends.  I enjoyed going to the mansion and attending some of the incredible parties Hugh Hefner had.  He will be missed.


When I hit 28 that was it for me and acting.  I gave it a great shot.  I did tons  TV movies modeling and even a MTV Motley Crew video. Back then if you hadn’t made it big by 28 you probably weren’t going to.


Dawn Abraham TV & Movie Actress in Hollywood Reporter
Dawn Abraham Movie & TV Actress At Glitzy Hollywood Party Photo in Hollywood Reporter


Who knows what might have happened.  I just knew I  wanted a career where I could work hard and watch it pay off.   I wanted the big bucks and I had the talent and willingness to go that extra mile to get it.


I almost got back into the TV industry in 2006 when I came up with an idea for a reality show.  It was called celebrity life coaching. I got my old agent back. He loved the idea.


It was a bit before it’s time. We had fun going to all the networks and pitching it.  We came close to getting a deal with Free Mantel the production company that produces America  Idol.  


In the end my coaching business started to take off.  I loved every second of it.  I’m happy partnering with entrepreneurs to take charge of their business and live their true potential.


My Extremely Successful Corporate Career


Dawn Abraham Awards For Marketing & Sales
Dawn Abraham’s Marketing Awards

There came a time when I decided I wanted more from life.  I wanted something I could count on.  This is when I started my very successful corporate career.  Where I was a marketing sales manager and director for several fortune 500 companies.


There I hit a home run winning over 75 high achievement awards for sales marketing customer service and for fastest growing offices. I was the highest paid women in the personnel industry.



The Saga of Me And My Life With Dennis Tito Billionaire Business Man 

The Man Who Paid The Russians 20 Million To Be The First Civilian To Go Into Space


Dawn Abraham marketing expert Words of wisdom
Dawn Abraham Quote


While in the corporate world I  met a very successful  CEO of a money management firm on the NASDAQ, who owned the firm Wilshire and Assoc. That would be Dennis Tito who was the first civilian to go into space.


He was the man who paid the Russians 20 Million dollars to go into space.  Since NASA was having none of it.  He either paid the Russians Twenty Million or his dreams of going into space were not going to happen.


I was right there with him in Russia over a nine month period of time where he had to go through cosmonaut training.  I will say this about Dennis Tito he is very persistent. When he wants something he doesn’t give up.  He wanted this badly. 


I would fly back and forth from my corporate high-powered career where I was the top Regional Director of the Southern California Region.


Dennis Tito First Civilian To Go Into Space  Pre-Flight Experience 


Dawn Abraham & Boyfriend Dennis Tito in Russia Week Prior to Space Flight
Dawn Abraham Dennis Tito in People Magazine Pre-FlightWeek in Russia


I would rush to spend a week at a time with Dennis in Moscow.  While trying to keep my high-profile lucrative career.  It was not easy.  He also wanted me with him when he went to NASA for training.


What a waste that was.  He got there and they wouldn’t let him in.  They were beyond resistant to anyone who was not in their very exclusive club.  There are very few people who have ever been in space.


They didn’t like this rich billionaire coming around and paying his way onto the International Space Station.


They felt is was an exclusive boys club and they didn’t want some rich guy who has everything to come in and buy his way on to the space station.


They tried many things to stop him from flying.  Not until the very last second did we even know if he was going to fly.  They sent out a high official from NASA to try to stop Dennis.  I could see it was wearing on him.


Well Dennis showed them.  He went on Russia’s Soyuz to meet the astronauts at the USA space station.  Where they had to let Dennis in. According to Dennis they didn’t talk to him at all.  He still said he had the time of his life.


Are We Ever Going To Be Normal Again?


Dawn Abraham Dennis Tito Inaugural Ball Dinner
Dawn Abraham Dennis Tito Attending The Bush Inaugural Ball


I flew so many places that year regarding this experience that by the time it was over my boss was less than thrilled.  I flew to Russia alone six times in a nine month period because Dennis didn’t want to be alone.  Hmmm…


I was so tired but excited for him at the same time.  He was making history. And so was I actually. It was a huge deal for both of us.  Up until that time no civilian had ever been in space as a cosmonaut.  Which is what Russians call Astronauts here in the US.


I was even a first at something when Dennis went into space.  


The first female civilian women allowed in the quarantined  pre-flight area the week before take off. 


I’m sure it had something to do with that high-priced ticket he bought.


I couldn’t believe all the rituals they have during that pre-flight week.  They had amazing dancers in Dennis’s honor.  Parties and celebrations. There must have been over 150 photographers from all over the world.  They were there with us the whole week.


Dennis is Now In Space For A Week And I Got Real Popular


Dawn Abraham Becomes Famous With Boy Friend Dennis Tito
Dawn Abraham in People Magazine & other publications When Boyfriend Dennis Tito Goes Into Space


I did over fifty interviews.  We both ended up in People Magazine that month. Dennis was on 20/20,  CNN, David Letterman and so many magazines and papers world-wide. It was the talk on the news all week.


I was even interviewed at my offices everyday by dozens of news stations and celebrity TV, while Dennis was in flight.


They I think it was ABC one of those three, even begged me to give them the exclusive to televise his phone call to me from space. Which was a first for me and a very exciting experience.


How many people do you know that have received a phone call from their boyfriend while he was in space?


The only tiny issue was he had no idea that was happening.  I had no way of contacting him to let him know.


I was so worried about how to mention this casually before he said something he wouldn’t want the whole world to know.  If that happened he would kill me.  Dennis was very private when it came to his image and personal life.


It was quite the experience.  I will never forget it.  Maybe someday when I write my auto-biography I will get into to some of the drama and road blocks Dennis encountered in order for him to achieve his dreams.  It’s stuff that comes right out of a thriller movie.


My experience with him is really something that comes out of a sci-fi horror movie.


The experiences I had with him after I left the relationship where horrible.  He didn’t take me breaking up with him very well.  There is a place for talking about this, I’ll leave it there for now.


Dawn Abraham Super Award Wining Entrepreneur 


After that I decided to go into business for myself working online back in 2002.  My first business was an online store selling celebrity clothing for a fraction of the cost.


My store was called Celebrity Vogue.  I did that for four years. Although that was very successful I was looking for something more meaningful.


Before I opened my marketing business I did some soul-searching.  I wanted to do something with  my life that really made a difference.


I  decided to study with Deepak Chopra for a year to become a Perfect Health Instructor.  This gave me an amazing amount of knowledge about meditation yoga balance and how to get in touch with my inner strength.


Dawn Abraham Studying With Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra and Dawn Abraham

This is something I use with my clients and in my Mastermind Groups.  How to get a success mindset.  To find balance while making more money and living the life of your dreams.

My Purpose In Life 

While I was searching for my purpose on this planet.  I starting volunteering with many charity’s.  One in which I was an outreach counselor for teens who were homeless.  I also helped women of war get an education so they could support their families.


I highly recommend getting involved with charity’s that make a difference in the world. I feel it is our responsibility to give back to people who aren’t as fortunate as we are.


I went to an accredited International Coaching Federation approved Life Coaching School For a Year.  I got my certification from CTA in 2006. 


My Top Membership Site for Life Coach’s and Spiritual Entrepreneurs 


I started my coaching career as a business coach with a spiritual twist. I started the first membership website for life coach’s and entrepreneurs who were spiritual called “Motivational Whisperers”


This site had everything you can could imagine to spot light and get new coach’s and business owners. Hundreds of thousands of visitors every month gave the members the exposure they needed to succeed.  


I offered everything you can think of and more. I created outside the box promotions and programs that were never done before.


We had support groups, networking groups, my popular mastermind group. Webinars on how to get business from blogging. How to grow your social media following.


I started a radio show called “It’s Okay to Be You” where I co-hosted with some of the members that was extremely popular.


I had a huge section of the website where I created a promotional program called “Pay it Forward” where people would share other people’s products services and programs.


I was one of the first people who came up with this idea. You would share something they posted in the Pay it Forward forum.  Then you would share something of theirs in return.



I opened a TV station for my members where they could host their own TV talk shows.  Called Motivational Whisperers TV. 


I hosted a weekly Tweetchat on Twitter for all the members that was very successful called “Be You.”


I started a video promotion on my Facebook page called “Life Changer.” For all the coaches.  This was something no one had ever done.  I opened the promotion with this video I made.


While we were hosting the video I had everyone including myself tweet about the highlights they were seeing on Facebook.  This drew a huge amount of attention to the program. 


Each week a new coach would be featured with their video on how to change your life.  This was the opening video I made for the series.



I did huge Success Mindset series an event that hosted all the coach’s and entrepreneurs on the site. It was sold out with in weeks.  That was just one of many promotional and paid programs I hosted over my career.


I achieved great success with Motivational Whisperers and so much fun.  I decided years later to streamline my business. Where I could have a life and make even more money.


That is what I do now and have been for years. Where the focus is on growing your business to the 6-7 figure level.


Getting clients with social media.  How to fill your events groups and webinars with promotions and email marketing. How to scale your business where you can work less and earn more. 


My huge success in marketing, sales and business over the years made millions for myself and my clients.


I love what I do and I always go the extra mile.  


What People Are Saying About Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert 


Hey Dawn, I just wanted to send you this note to let you know how much I am enjoying the Success Mastermind. This is exactly what I needed!! I love the group and I’m learning so much. Your tips on social media were awesome tonight.

I have been so frustrated with all of this over the last couple months not sure of what to do to boost my income because working from home is the best option for me.

And tonight I understood that I’m not using social media properly and that selling is not what will attract people and help me to succeed.

So, again I am so grateful to you for  this wonderful training! I have increased my business and discovered my niche already and we just began.  With Love & Gratitude, Melissa Xx

Melissa Maze

Positive Mindset Life Coach

205593_1054147507329_1035046394_173628_2123_nDawn Abraham is without a doubt the top business coach I’ve worked with in my twenty-seven years in the investment banking industry.

I highly recommend getting into to one of her Mastermind Groups as that was the best thing I did for my business.  Dawn showed me how to implement social media in a way that increased my business 75% the first two months.

Dawn brings years of experience knowledge and energy to the table like no other.  My recommendation is do what you can to work with Dawn and watch your business, social media, influence and confidence soar.

You will walk away with a successful easy to use business plan a new social media outlook and many excellent tips on how to get people on social media to do business with you.  That was more than I expected.  That is just the beginning.

Dawn Abraham is the best thing I have done for my bottom line in years,  Thank you Dawn

Peter Judar
Banking Investment Expert
Beverly Hills CA

3563Dawn’s Mastermind Group ended up being the best decision I could have made for my business. Before I entered her group I was struggling with social media.  I didn’t understand how to turn my followers into clients.

Dawn’s group took care of that in the second week.  By the fourth week I had thousands of new followers.  Targeted followers I should say.  I was for the first time getting people interested in signing up for my monthly newsletter.

I increased my over sales by 47% and the group wasn’t even over.  It paid for itself and then some.

One of the biggest take a ways for me was how to put together a successful social media strategy.   This strategy resulted in actual money coming in.  That was something I didn’t think was possible before I joined Dawn’s group.

She also did evaluations of each of our websites.  This proved to be invaluable for me.  I had  no idea some of the things I was doing were stopping me from getting clients. 

With Dawn’s help I was able to make the changes to my website easily.  I saw the difference in the first week. 

My overall income since the Mastermind Group is well into the six figures and I’m looking at hitting seven figures by next year at this time.

I have never been a part of group where I came away with so much top-notch information that was usable.   Dawn made sure that after the group we all supported each other on social media as well as including us in any of her ventures. 

I kept my partner and together we both are racking in ten times what we made before joining.

It goes without saying joining her group was the best decision I have made.  I highly recommend you do whatever it takes to be a part of Dawn’s Mastermind Group. 

Craig Higdon

Mortgage and Loan Specialist

Los Angeles CA


Dawn Abraham is one of the most creative, out of the box thinkers I know. She is talented in coaching, marketing, networking and building communities.

Dawn’s love of helping people to discover/uncover the best in themselves in unmatched.

Dawn’s willingness to share her knowledge and embrace others inspires people to be their best.

Dawn is a creative genius, a go-giver and a marketing whiz! Dawn walks her talk by empowering others to live the life they dream of. She is excellent on helping you start your business and/or grow your business.

Working with Dawn Abraham Marketing Expert, I’ve reorganized my business showing an improvement on my bottom line.

Thank you Dawn for all of your help.

Inez Bracy
Partners with professional and executive women over 50 who want to confidently and courageously live a life of choice.
Orlando, Florida

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